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Der Nacht
October 2014
Released: 2014, This Winter Will Last Forever
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Italy's Sguaguarahchristis have a name that I have trouble even typing, let alone saying, but it just might be a name that black metal fans will have to look out for in the near future. DER NACHT, the band's second album is a terrifying and primitive black metal journey following a series of recordings and promo releases.

Sguaguarhchristis' Pesten Antilight is the brains behind DER NACHT' being the main composer of the music on offer as well as providing great harsh vocals and providing guitar and synth work. The band's former composer JJ Nehero committed suicide early last year (remind you of anyone? Ahem, Mayhem) but the band clearly saw this as a time of change rather than an end. Abraxas Xull is the other axeman at work here along with long time drummer Ordalak.

For the die-hard black metal fan, there's plenty on offer in DER NACHT. There's raspy harsh vocals which sit behind a wall of distorted guitars and snappy drumming. For me, the songwriting on the album is mostly great. There's some awesome snarling guitar riffs in tracks such as Black Waves Of Thy Winter and Mother night... and fantastic drumming throughout most of the album. If you like to hear bass on an album, then this isn't one for you. The sound is reminiscent to old Burzum but not quite as un-listenable as say, NATTENS MADRIGAL by Ulver.

It's a sound that fits very well with the overall feeling that the band is trying to get across. There's atmosphere in spades here and that's clearly a big factor for Sguaguarahchristis, though some of the song names are a little pretentious. There's synth but not so much that it's overbearing. The band seems to be more concerned with providing harsh guitar and speedy blast beats than sugar coating their music.

DER NACHT is a very satisfying black metal album, Sguaguarahchristis have an underground mentality but with the musicianship and songs to back it up. It's old school and primitive without actively sounding like any of the old black metal bands from the 90's. DER NACHT is dark, harsh and certainly a no frills, no holes barred affair but performed and written well and the band could quite easily be a leader in the underground.
Track Listing

1. Under The Moon, We are hunters
2. Transparent tears from Saturnus
3. Black Waves Of Thy Winter
4. My Sideral Journey
5. The Howling Wind Whispers my destiny
6. Mother Night, Eternal Labyrinth
7. Der Nacht


Pesten Antilight - Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Synth
Abraxus Xull - Guitars
Ordalak - Drums

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