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Sgt. Roxx
Weapons Of Miss Distraction
April 2011
Released: 2009, Eonian Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

There is a new, young upstart label on the block and they are called Eonian Records. This US based label is specializing in melodic late 80’s, early 90’s American Melodic Metal and Hard Rock. They have put out a batch of great albums and over the next three months (March-May, 2011) we are going to look at nine of their most recent releases. This month (April, 2011) we will take a look at the bands Legacy, Sgt. Roxx and Shake City. Please feel free to check out the other reviews in this series.

Of the batch of Eonian stuff in our series, this is one of the heavier bands. This collection spans the bands entire career and encompasses pretty much everything they did in the era. Accordingly this is a monster album clocking in at a packed 19 cuts for 78 minutes. It’s good value. Speaking of value, as always Eonian spares no expense with the packaging. A band history essay, liner notes, photos and so on bring this band (back) to life.

WEAPONS OF MISS DISTRACTION is a compilation of the two EP’s, a whole whack of rare demo tracks and some live stuff. This five piece were quite the rage in the Chicago area from 1985-1994 and listening to this collection you can tell why. The quartet had all the right moves and even attracted major label attention.

The songs and performances are all rehearsed and tight as it is evident Sgt. Roxx were totally pro from the beginning. Loaded with great songs like ‘Million Dollar Girls’ and ‘ Why’d You Lie’, with it’s infectious vocal line, are total winners.The sound quality on the demo cuts are a bit rough but songs like ‘(Don’t Do) What Your Mama Sayz’ really stand out as well written cuts. This could have been your favorite band that never made it.

Join us again in May for reviews of more Eonian artists, Sweet Sybil, Uzi and Wanted.
Track Listing

01. All You Need
02. Why'd You Lie
03. Movin' On
04. Push & Squeeze
05. Million Dollar Girls
06. Wrap Yourself
07. Don't Care
08. Rockin' Horse
09. Decisions
10. Alright
11. Without You
12. Thinkin' Of You
13. Ransom
14. (Don't Do) What Your Mama Sayz
15. 4th Time Out
16. I Don't Know
17. Psycho In The House (live)
18. My Lady (live)
19. Bread & Water


Jack Adams - lead/backing vocals
Bob Briles - lead/rhythm guitars and backing vocals
Bob O'Conner - lead/rhythm guitars and backing vocals (1-5, 11-16)
Scott 'Grover' Weatherspoon - lead/rhythm guitars and backing vocals (6-10, 17-19)
Darrin Laszlo - bass and backing vocals
Kevin Cora - drums and backing vocals (6-10, 17-19)
Scott Wilson - drums (1-5)
Gabriel 'Gabie' Anthony - drums (11-16)



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