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Seventh Wonder
Welcome to Atlanta-Live 2014 (DVD)
February 2017
Released: 2016, Frontiers
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

There are a few different types of ways that a band can design their DVD. There are concert DVD’s, DVD’s that are a simple collection of videos, and DVD’s that are a documentary and some DVD’s that are road movies and sometimes a combination of all four. The (seemingly) awkwardly titled WELCOME TO ATLANTA-Live 2014 most certainly falls in the category of live concert DVD. I saw the title seems awkward because unless you are a true fan and know that the band was playing the ‘MERCY FALLS’ album in Atlanta, in it’s entirety for the first time, including the song ‘Welcome to Mercy Falls’, the title might not make sense.

Released on Frontiers Records in 2016, this is a regal and nicely appointed four disc set bound in a hard cover. Anchored in the middle is a 12 page booklet, full colour with an essay about the album came to be and an explanation for the delay between it’s recording in 2014 and it’s eventual release in 2016. It is a really nice package.

THE DVD itself is pretty barebones. Disc I is the aforementioned concert and he concert just starts and runs for an hour and 30 minutes. That’s it. The end. The play MERCY FALLS front to back, do an encore of ‘Inner Enemy’ and that it is it. No bonus stuff. Disc II is when the band played the same ProgPower USA Festival on the next night and delighted the fan with an extra seven songs. Running less than an hour the look and style of the second night is identical. That is it. I haven’t seen a concert DVD with no bonus content in a long time. No interviews, no making of’ segment’, no outtakes, nothing. It seemed…well…like something was missing. No, wait. There was a 45 second segment of the band signing autographs on Disc II. What a bonus! One of the highlights is an eight-minute acoustic medley that they finished with, a very cool way to end the two-night stand.

Technical aspect aside, it is a magnificent concert. It is a pro-multi-camera shoot, with decent crowd interaction, flawless sound and good sound balance between audience and crowd. The band was spot-on, the energy was good, the music naturally also superb. WELCOME TO ATLANTA also comes with the two-disc audio of the concert, both shows, and a pair of studio tracks both new tracks. It’s been seven years since the last Seventh wonder album, since Tommy left to join Kamelot and I would hate to see this as the swansong of the band. If it is they went out on a high note.

A straight up concert DVD is my least favourite type of DVD so my score might seem a bit low, it reflects nothing on the band or presentation. How many times will I sit and watch this DVD? Probably not very many, I mean Seventh Wonder is not a naturally a visually theatrical show like GWAR or Alice Cooper. I will most certainly listen to the Double Live album in the set more often as this is a concert I don’t need to ‘see’ to appreciate, as much as I do need to ‘hear’ it…if that makes any sense. Die-hard fans need this either way and can bump up my score a notch.
Track Listing

Disc 1

1. A New Beginning
2. There and Back
3. Welcome to Mercy Falls
4. Unbreakable
5. Tears for a Father
6. A Day Away
7. Tears for a Son
8. Paradise
9. Fall in Line
10. Break the Silence
11. Hide and Seek
12. Destiny Calls
13. One Last Goodbye
14. Back in Time
15. The Black Parade

Disc 2

1. Taint the Sky
2. Banish the Wicked
3. Alley Cat
4. Walking Tall
5. The Edge of My Blade
6. King of Whitewater
7. Seventh Wonder Odyssey (Acoustic Medley)


Tommy Karevik-Vocals
Johan Liefvendahl-Guitar
Andreas Soderin-Keyboards
Andreas Blomqvist-Bass
Stefan Norgren-Drums



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