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Seventh Wonder
The Great Escape
June 2011
Released: 2010, Lion Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Yet another ‘Seventh Something’ band! There are at least 50 bands named Seventh Something’ or ‘7th Something’, but these guys have been kicking it for over 10 years so it’s cool. THE GREAT ESCAPE is actually album number four for this Swedish quintet but it’s the first review of this band on our site. We’ve got reviews of albums by Seventh Avenue, Seventh Calling, Seventh Key, Seventh Omen, Seventh Void, but no Seventh Wonder…until now!

Friendly teasing about the name aside, these Swedes, who sit nicely on the Lion Music label have put out a real gem of a progressive Metal album. The vocals of Tommy Karevik are an immediate highlight for me. He has a classic Melodic Metal /AOR type voice. It’s no shock he does double duty in Firecracker a more AOR type band who also put out a great record last year. His voice is clear and loud, smooth and with expressive tones he hits notes with ease. I think the band recognizes this strength as he is mixed quite up front.

Musically the band is very solid, there are certainly many prog-ish influences but not to the point of losing the focus of the song. There are some really innovative moments in the songs like the last minute fade out to the song ‘King Of Whitewater’ with it’s simple chugging guitar line, swirling keyboards and a monster drum solo. It’s those little flourishes that caught my ear as interesting.

The band does write a sweet ballad called ‘Long Way Home’ with lyrics about rainy days, family and missing home. The slightly flamenco tinged acoustic guitar and acoustic piano elevate this ballad from standard to very enjoyable. Again, Karevik’s voice is built to sing these type of broken hearted songs and he makes it sound sincere.

The center-piece of the album is the last track, the title track, a 30 minute long conceptual epic that is engaging and dynamic. The musicianship is top-notch the band technically proficient but not over-playing to the detriment of the songs. This album is super smooth and will appeal to a wide range of fans from the AOR guys to those who can appreciate the mellower side of Prog Metal and really, anyone who likes a well-written songs that are well performed.
Track Listing

1. Wiseman
2. Alley Cat
3. The Angelmaker
4. King of Whitewater
5. Long Way Home
6. Move on Through
7. The Great Escape


Tommy Karevik Vocals
Johan Liefvendahl Guitars
Andreas Blomqvist Bass
Andreas Söderin Keyboards
Stefan Norgren Drums



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