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Seventh Avenue
June 2008
Released: 2008, Massacre/Sound Pollution
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Terium is a German act that kicked off in 1989. After a few member changes and demos they released their debut album RAINBOWLAND 1994. The lead singer left after the debut and leaving the guitarist and mastermind Langhans to take over the mic. Terium has been signed to various labels through the years and has built a solid fan base in South America and Japan. For some reason the band isn’t well known to the European masses, but that could be about to change with the release of SEVENTH AVENUE.

Terium plays typical German melodic power metal. The music has neo-classical and progressive influences so pinning the music as heavy metallike the promo’s bio does is a bit cheap. Terium’s music has a lot in common with acts like Edguy, Gamma Ray, Helloween and Freedom Call.

They are great at what they do and the songs are pretty solid but it lacks fun, passion and energy which makes it quite dull. It feels like the album needs a serious fuel injection to even get going. There’s nothing wrong with the singer and the musicians; they’re all quite capable, but the material limps behind.

At the end of the day, Terium’s attempt to win Europe deserves no more than a yawn; the band brings us ordinary German melodic power metal with no edge. The most fun to be had with this album is the production which is solid as a rock. Terium doesn’t impress me with this album at all, and they would do well to make something of their own next time instead of hiding behind the well-established acts in this genre.
Track Listing

1. Under The Surface
2. Crowd In The Dark
3. Terium
4. Authorities
5. Futures Dawn
6. Brighter Than The Sun
7. Needs
8. Two Masters
9. Hands Of The King
10. Priests And Servants
11. Trail Of Blood
12. Betrayal
13. Way To the Stars
14. Innocence
15. New Era


Herbie Langhans – lead vocals, guitar
Florian Gottsleben – guitar
Markus Beck – bass
Mike Pfuger – drums



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