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Seven Witches
The Way Of The Wicked
March 2016
Released: 2015, Indie
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I consider myself an-above average fan of Seven Witches, meaning over for about 17 years I‘ve followed their career, having heard and/or bought all of the albums and the DVD! That is why it pains me to write a negative review. As a rule of thumb I ignore albums I don’t like, instead of writing negative reviews. Other reviewers may enjoy tearing down something they don’t like, (some of those reviews can be hilarious) but I’d rather say ‘live and let die’ and throw my time, energy and support behind something I like. However, it is because I am a big Seven Witches fan so I’m disappointed and want to warn my fell fans about this album.

THE WAY OF THE WICKED is the band tenth album; an admirable accomplishment. It is also the first time that the band has had the exact same line-up for two albums in a row. Seven Witches (aka Jack Frost) has decided to keep Anthony Cross on vocals, who while talented, just is not in the same league as the previous Seven Witches singers; namely Wade Black, Bobby Lucas and of course James Rivera. The album cover is awesome, a very striking image and it is good to see the spiky metal font/logo in place. The title is a bit too similar to the second last album, CALL UPON THE WICKED, perhaps a little hint of demising creativity. In terms of positives, that is about it.

Basically this album could barely be considered Metal. The whole album is slow and occasionally creeps up to mid-tempo. It really drags. The songs are far more rock ‘n roll oriented and not even in a fun way. Most of the songs lack a good hook and the melodies are pretty uninspired. The playing is adequate, but we all know Frost is capable of much more. There are virtually no shredding solos or sense or energy or vitality. It is only on the last song, ‘Rise Up’ that the band has energy sense of power and even then it is too little too late as the song is tainted with a modern groove sound. The production is really weak, but even a good producer couldn't put a shine on this, it's all stuck in the mid-range with virtually no audio dynamics, highs or lows.

What it really boils down to is that Jack Frost should have made this a rock solo album under his own name (or a different band name) as it really veers far off the path of what Seven Witches is known for. It’s not bad, a decent heavy rock album but it’s just not Metal, nor is it Seven Witches. THE WAY OF THE WICKED is a very average from an above average band that has done much better in the past. As much as it pains me to say, I suggest all Seven Witches fan approach very carefully.
Track Listing

1. The Way of the Wicked
2. Better Days
3. Among Us
4. Soul Searching
5. Dreams
6. Without Man
7. When I Flew
8. Angel of Salvation
9. Rise Up


Anthony Cross Vocals
Jack Frost Guitar
Ronnie Parkes Bass
Johnny Kelly Drums



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