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Seven Sins
Diaboli Et Apocalypse
December 2016
Released: 2016, Satanath Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Khazakstan, the name alone sounds warm and inviting, and with the members of this band hailing from a region based at the foot of the mountains near the junction of two rivers known as Ust -Kamenogorsk (or Oskemon as it is called by the locals), things begin to sound even more friendly and inviting, but fear not fellow Metal Heads, for this place must indeed be dark and foreboding, as the music created by Seven Sins is sinister and dire to say the least!

Opening track Tempus Mortuorum is a chilling little instrumental number that pretty much lets you know what you are in for, with the sounds of Crows and Ravens and religious types chanting in the background laid over the top of some very dynamic orchestral music, softening you up a little for the oncoming fury of the second track Kabbalah. Blast beats and screaming death vocals ensue, a very tight band indeed, and yes let's get this out of the way first, you have heard this before from the likes of Dimmu Borgir and Carach Angren, even Cradle of Filth in their heyday, but do not let this detract you from what is essentially a fantastic album.

All the Symphonic Black/Death Metal stereotypes apply, crushing riffs, soaring guitar and keyboard harmonies, female vocals in the background etc. Bold, brash, loud and bombastic, epic to the last eerie scream. I can only imagine what the vocals are about as they are in Russian but the whole package certainly delivers in it's imagery of tortured dark medieval times. Standout tracks include Mors Atra, which loosely translates to Black Death or Terrible Death, a reference to the Black Plague which no doubt ravaged the area at some stage in history, again I can only surmise as I cannot speak Russian, but it certainly conveys a great sense of death and affliction. The outstanding Seraphim with it's female vocal harmonies intertwining with the guttural howls of lead vocalist Victor would not be out of place at the wedding of an undead King and his corpse bride, forever spinning into eternity hand in hand in their tattered marriage garb.

Powerful stuff indeed, pretty much not a bad track on the album and definitely one you can play from start to finish without skipping songs, which to me is always a plus and makes me want to return again and again, and return you will, for like anything done with such conviction and delivered so well you must pay attention. In the end all I can say is that listening to this album was like being hit with a hammer wrapped in a violin, brutal yet majestic. Add this to your collection, you won't regret it.
Track Listing

1. Tempus Mortuorum
5.Mors Atra
6.Due Diaboli
9.Preasuptio Reatum
10.Infinatas Non


Yury - Drums
Vladimir - Guitar
Victor - Vocals
Victor - keyboards
Andrey - Bass

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