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Endtime Divine
September 2003
Released: 2003, Regain
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Sweet poser-crushing black metal! The minute I saw the beautiful cover art by Necrolord (an apocalyptic scene with devils) I knew I was in for a treat. Yes, I judged an album by it’s cover and I was proven my own mind anyway!

Setherial have been around quite a while despite having only four albums; their output has been sporadic and odd. To seemingly fulfill a record deal with the Napalm label, just a few months ago the band released a disc of demos and rare material. Now a new studio album, the first one since HELL ETERNAL in 999 has surfaced.

I enjoy discussing ‘the scene’ with fellow black metal fans and some people consider these Swedish latecomers to the scene to be lacking in the original spirit of the masters and perhaps one of the many pretenders that clog the scene. Be that as it may, I still immensely enjoyed this disc.

The band has all the hallmarks; spiky logo, rough production, corpse-paint and bullet belts, semi-predictable dark and Satanic lyrics, blistering blast-beats, inhuman vokills droning buzzsaw guitars and so on. For those reasons some critics may say they don’t bring much to the table in terms of originality and I would agree.

However, in my mind it is all about execution and delivery and a good unoriginal band can and will still entertain me if it sounds good and feels right and Setherial are both.

The heavy use of speed delights me and the vocals of Wrathyr are relentless and unforgiving. Jens Ryden of Naglfar drops by to do some guest backing vocals as well!

Setherial remind me of Lord Belial for some reason although their sounds are not that similar, as Setherial is far more primitive in tone and arrangement.

At times it is hard to articulate why I like a band when objectively many of the cards may be stacked against them. Setherial kicked my ass for reasons unknown and may perhaps never be known but all I do know is I put on Endtime Divine and I feel like I’m there, slaughtering the souls of a thousand posers.
Track Listing

1. Crimson Manifestation
2. The Underworld
3. Subterranean
4. …Of Suicide
5. Entity of Night
6. The Night of All Nights
7. Endtime Divine
8. Transformation
9. Storms





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