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August 2012
Released: 2012, Independent Band
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Industrial music has for a long time been viewed in a number of lights. On one hand you’ve got the soul scorching power of NIN, while on the other you’ve got the synth heavy allure of Apoptygma Berserk and in a world all of their own you’ve got the brutish power of Ministry. Either way it’s a genre that can be called anything but stale, a fact highlighted by Turkish outfit Seth. ECT.

Formed at the end of 2008 by Vocalist Aybars Altay, Guitarists Izo Parlak & Murat Alkan and Bassist Mert Tartac, Seth.ECT was formed with the intention of combining the power of Industrial music & the aggression of extreme metal with traditional oriental music, creating a truly haunting, brutish yet vastly appealing sound that’s encapsulated perfectly on their latest album, Godspeak.

Well… …this certainly was an album that kicked me square in the face right from the start! At first as I just saw the genre of the album as Industrial, I thought I was going to be a strictly modern industrial album much like the styling’s of groups like Suicide Commando and Grendel. But then it kicked into another high gear during the first song and introduced pretty fucking heavy guitar and drum elements that are certainly very much Fear Factory influenced.

The band stands out from the rest of the crowd though in the sense that not only do they mix this crushingly heavy Industrial Metal sound of bands like Fear Factory, Darkane and The Berserker, but they also fuse in the elements of bands like Nine Inch Nails and even more EBM styled groups like Apoptygma Berserk as they point out in their Bio. On top of that Seth ECT then mix in elements of Turkish instrumentation and eastern musical scales on tracks like For Se7en Years which features an intro mixing what sounds like more traditional Turkish percussive instruments, acoustic guitar and also Industrial styled synths over the top. It’s a strange mix but one that works very well!

The overall production on the album is a really rich and gorgeous soundscape to listen to, as a drummer I fucking love the drum sound on this album. It’s something nice and different as opposed to the constantly repeated Andy Sneap drum sound (not that I have any lack of respect for Andy Sneap and his producing but the drums do always tend to sound the same on the records he produces) that you hear on a lot of modern releases. The guitars have a lovely amount of low end punch to them that’s currently firing out the sub-woofer in my room and all of the keyboard lines and vocal parts crack through the mix with just the right power and aggression.

Stand out tracks for me from the album I think would be the first track, ECT, the track named ‘Hollow Earth’ which incorporates nice Eastern rhythmical patterns mixed with the kind of high end synth lines you’d hear on the Dance Floors of Slimelight or on some sort of retro side scrolling Street Fighter game or something, it’s great stuff! ‘Heart Beat’ is also another great song with a more straight forward Metal theme to it and ‘Call Of Ancients’ also seems to blend the heavy crushing elements of Fear Factory with the bleepy dancy elements of a Slimelight floor filler track, very impressive stuff! But in all honesty all of the songs on this album really do stand out as being something brilliantly unique and something to sit you up in your chair and think “whoa!”… …if it doesn’t then there’s something wrong with you ;-D

If you’re a fan of Fear Factory, Darkane or Strapping Young Lad from the heavier Metal side of things or if you like the more aggressive and darker side of the electronic bands of Industrial & EBM like Suicide Commando and old Dawn Of Ashes then for goodness sake got hold of this album and play it into your ears LOUDLY!!!

If you are a fan of the modern progression of Metal to places far and beyond or a fan of dark electronic music then you need check these guys out, there’s no other way of putting it…

Review by Joffie Lovett
Track Listing

1. ECT
2. B.L.A.S.T
3. For Se7en Years
4. Hollow Earth
5. Heart Beat
6. Call Of Ancients
7. Orison
8. Earth Rise
9. Keops
10. When The Simurgs Collapse
11. Orison II


Vocals – Aybars Altay
Guitars – Izo Parlak & Murat Alkan
Bass – Mert Tartac

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