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Serpens Aeon
March 2006
Released: 2004, Moribund Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Here's some background info for this fairly unknown Death Metal band that comes from Seattle as I believe not many of you have heard them even by name. Serpens Aeon was formed in late 1997 by Luis Martinez and Erick Diaz after their departure from legendary Death Metal act called The Chasm. In the fall of 1999 the band recorded their debut demo that was baptized by a title RAISING THE FIRE SERPENT which was only made available for a small group of people due to its limited quantity.

In the beginning of 2000 a new ´Serpent Warrior´ named Matt Cason was added into the line-up as a full-time drummer by bringing more strength and power into the already powerful sound the band is known for. Soon after that the band started writing songs for their 1st album titled DAWN OF KOUATL and in February 2003 the guys entered Trillium Lane Studios with 7 of their own songs + a cover song for the legendary Swedish Deathsters Grave´s song called “Extremely Rotten Flesh” in their pockets.

Musically the band swears heavily in the name of an old-school, dark Death Metal sound that undoubtedly attracts the fans from Possessed to Grave to The Chasm. Their songs are full of a real kick-ass potentiality and the songs on D.O.K. are thoroughly well structured and stand out somewhat effortlessly. References to the sounds of Possessed can easily be spotted in the 3rd song on the album, “Winds of Hatred” that has exactly the same type of tone in the guitar sound which is familiar on the Possessed albums. It´s savage, raw, brutal and rather ´dry´ in its own pleasing way.

Luiz, the 4-string punisher and evil throat in the band does a fine job on his own departments. I have to say that I´m glad that he even doesn´t want to growl with the most guttural and inhuman voice as possible, but mostly uses a varied amount of both typical Death Metal growls and sort of Black Metal snarls on the album in a well-balanced measure.

Erick´s riffs and solos on the album aren´t that technical at all; in fact, they are rather simple, more like straight-to-the-point, but they mostly have this strong tendency to sound incredibly catchy and memorable which is of course a great thing in my opinion. Probably an addition of a second guitarist might bring more power into the band´s sound, especially for their live sound without doubts.

I think it also should be mentioned that over the last few years the band has been participating in several metal festivals and sharing stages with both national and international acts like Incantation, Disgorge, Arch Enemy, Nevermore, Exhumed, Agalloch to mention a few. So if they come ever near by your town, go see them live.

Sure, Serpens Aeon doesn´t offer anything new musically that you couldn´t have heard before in Death Metal, but then again, they do serve a killer dose of those elements in their wicked Death Metal sound that should make many old-school Death Metal diggers satisfied and happy. The band´s recipe for their kick-ass material has already been welcomed warmly by my furry ears and I bet a few extra pairs of ears are already eagerly waiting for their turn to get familiar with a realm of Serpens Aeon. Killer Death Metal with a true dark and evil old-school Death Metal spirit - no more, no less. Check them out or be fuckin´ cursed forever! Ha...
Track Listing

01. Forsaken Thy God
02. Within the Realm...
03. Winds of Hatred
04. Nectar
05. Under the Fifth Sun
06. Cosmic Jaws
07. Circle of Serpens


Erick Diaz – Guitars
Luis Martinez – Bass & vox
Matt Cason – Drums

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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