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June 2002
Released: 2002, Crash Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Cid

Well, I have great news, great news and just news! So naturally I will give you the great news first. Serberus, the melodic death metal band from Colorado who has caught many ears with their previous 3 self-produced releases (IN ETERNITY, OUR DYING GRACE and the live album BLACK FLAMES AND BURNING WORLDS which is a split album with fellow Colorado natives Silencer) have returned with their 4th offering. Now onto the other great news! Serberus has FINALLY gotten a record deal! Somebody just brightened up and signed an excellent band with a lot of future. The details of the record deal however, do not concern us right now!

Onto the plain and maybe not so great news! Having found a record deal means that Serberus need to put forth material that will get everyone’s attention before getting bigger. So my main problem with Serberus’ debut album with Crash Music Inc., is the fact that only 2 out of 7 tracks on here are new material. Don’t get me wrong, “Into the Abyss” and “Creed of War” are top notch, Serberus’ type tracks and I for one liked them quite a bit and I think they blend in perfectly with the rest of their material. My main problem is I want more!! Sound-wise, Serberus’ maintain their track and go for the highly melodic death metal approach that has worked like a charm for them (with fans such as myself of course). Twin guitars make the music work and this of course should remind anyone who knows his stuff, of Arch Enemy, the drumming is a relentless attack driven at the same pace around the whole album and the vocals are gritty, full of power and sound much like nothing except Dave Otero.

In all, my sole concern with Serberus is the fact that their melodies are starting to sound very familiar from one track to another. It could be me, Satan knows I’ve been listening to their stuff a lot in the past year, but it could also be that maybe This Colorado outfit is not moving forth in big steps. Sometimes I wonder how much people compare them to Arch Enemy or other Swedish Death Metal bands and I figure it’d be much better if you couldn’t compare them to anything… It’s ok to have influences, but it’s better to have creativity, skill and balls to move out of the master’s shadow! And if someone can do this, it certainly is Serberus.

I’ll be waiting for a full length album with nothing but new material to make up my mind!
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