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The Cold White Light
May 2002
Released: 2002, Century Media Records
Rating: 4.7/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

After the slightly disappointing and monotonous CRIMSON album, Sentenced have recorded an album of which each song could be described by one word: Catchy. The thing is that THE COLD WHITE LIGHT reeks of a noble catchiness and freshness--like the whole band rose from a verge of a dusty grave of boredom and tediousness and was injected with a totally new life by a large dose of brand-new inspirations. I don´t know how much their over 2 year long break from the metal scene has to do with all of this, but obviously something remarkable has truly happened inside the band. Now, as everyone will be sure to sense, overall the whole atmosphere of this new opus is so much more relaxed, light and not pushed at all. As funny and strange as it may sound to some of you, while you are listening to some certain songs off T.C.W.L., you may catch yourself singing along with the songs out of this very-easy-for-ears album and getting even overly sentimental by accident without even realizing it. It happened to me many, unregistered times while I was enjoying every bit of it--and I bet it will be happening to me many more times all over again. The whole album is simply just so irresistible with its extremely melodic, extremely mellow, extremely catchy and beautifully extreme melo-metal/rock songs (gee, the word "extreme´ kicks my nuts!!) that could only be equally competitive with the guys´ previous two albums namely “Down” and “Frozen.” I cannot put my finger precisely on either of these two Sentenced albums and say this or that reminds me of this and that, but certainly a hint of two can be thrown to those two albums´ direction as far some particular song arrangements on THE COLD WHITE LIGHT are concerned.

It´s even hard for me to pick up my absolutely favorite tunes off the album this time ´coz I may like one song for quite some time – and then change it after a while and start digging another song and think it´s my favorite. For example, at the very moment it´s “Excuse Me While I Kill Myself” with its trademark-like Sentenced –melodies and choruses and a sarcastic use of their own Sentencesque humor that typical of their lyrics. Last week I remembered humming the chorus for “No One There;” a week before that, it was either a marvelous, heart-tearing opener “Cross My Heart and Hope to Die” or “Blood & Tears,” which again has been done in a true Sentenced–fashion (sinfully catchy with a great chorus part, etc.).

The first single off the album was a song called “No One There,” but in all honesty, the first song could have been any song on the album--each song has its own special tendency to stand out, and the whole album, therefore, is pretty much ear-tickling and unbeatable. I´m especially glad that the guys have been wise enough this time around without lengthening the playing time of the album by thrusting in a couple of extra fillers in order to make it look more like "a full-length" album. They have chosen to stick with all the necessary stand-out tracks-– i.e. "the Ace-stuff"-- rather than recorded everything out of the T.C.W.L.–sessions for this excellent album. Therefore, 10 songs (+ an intro) in 45 minutes is such a splendid package of smoothly rockin´ metal songs that it leaves you in a good mood and spirit afterwards. It´s almost a slaying, addictive experience ´coz one shot of this seems to be far away for being enough for me. Luckily a "play" button is always near by my fingers. Anyway, I´m just hoping we don´t have to wait for another 2 years for getting the next album from these Northern maestros. Still, quality still reigns over quantity, so maybe I´m just complaining in vain. For me THE COLD WHITE LIGHT is without a doubt that very best album Sentenced have managed to do thus far having Ville as their luminary vocalist and frontman. Just get this! You certainly won´t regret it!!
Track Listing

01. Konevitsan Kirkonkellot
02. Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
03. Brief Is the Light
04. Neverlasting
05. Aika Multaa Muistot [Everything Is Nothing]
06. Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
07. You Are the One
08. Blood & Tears
09. Guilt and Regret
10. The Luxury of a Grave
11. No One There


Ville Laihiala - Vocals
Sami Lopakka - Guitars
Miika Tenkula - Guitars
Sami Kukkohovi - Bass
Vesa Ranta - Drums

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The Cold White Light
July 2002
Released: 2002, Century Media
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: El Cid

Here we have Sentenced’s new full length offering and like in previous releases, Senteced’s depressive mood is still present and accounted for. Showcasing tracks like “Cross my Face and hope to die”, “The luxury of a Grave” or “Excuse my while I kill myself” you can certainly expect happy lyrics :D

Quite frankly Sentenced had lost me completely after the release of their last album, CRIMSON in which the best thing I found to talk about was Niklas Sündin’s cover artwork ( . That album lacked everything I used to like about Sentenced! But enough of that, THE COLD WHITE LIGHT is actually a good album.

Generally speaking, Ville’s vocals are extremely tight, the guitar work is a catchy and up tempo’ed in most of the album and the bass lines are quite inventive and caught my ear with ease.

Talking about their musical content, Sentencced have reduced the Heavy side (yet again) but this time it doesn’t take a huge toll over the entire album, it sort of adds something to the sound.

More harmonic and Melodic than ever, Sentenced have found a formula that might just work wonderfully in future releases! Give this album a try and don’t judge it before it’s over. There are many surprises in contained in this 45 minute long offering!

Choice Cuts: “Neverlasting” (****)
Track Listing






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