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The Nightmare Within
February 2008
Released: 2008, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

´Thrashy heavy/power metal´ cannot sound that bad a description about some certain band´s music when done right, can it? Sencirow from Siegen, Germany, trust the power of heavy- and power metal - and even a small doses of more thrashy ingredients, too. By trusting I mean, they obviously happen to know what they are capable of doing in terms of metal overall, trusting some certain visions they have that necessarily don´t set them apart from the masses in general, but may give them some credit for their efforts to make some really good´n´ catchy sounding metal. Uh, oh well... someone´s getting probably way too philosophical here, so let´s just cut the crap.

THE NIGHTMARE WITHIN is started off with a short, riff-based instrumental intro, titled "The Phenomenon of Frugality", followed soon by the first real track, "Demon Inside", which comes and kicks your teeth in with some heavy, piercing thrash riffs that are supported by Daniel´s powerful yet pissed-off vocalism. An excellent choice for the opening song of the album indeed. Next song, "Palace of Bones" is a tamer song, and quite uninspiring to be honest. "Curse of Lying", is a more thrashy effort again, full of catchy and melodic parts - and some nice yet heavy riffs that are supported by Daniel´s powerful vocalism again. However, it´s "The Beggar´s Estate" that gives me a fair reason to keep myself busy again, my rather worn-out fingertips restlessly pounding against my table while the song lasts. Quite a heavy crusher this song is indeed. Almost the very same words can be applied to "World Collapse", which has some really cool musical arrangements in it (especially riff-wise) - and reminding me of why I do love metal music so much.

"Feeding the Rage" kicks hard its listeners against a massive wall (made of metal) with some marvelously executed, heavy riffs. Plus, the song keeps band´s drummer Timo momentarily busy, which should tell you something about the song´s nature, I guess. "Deliver Me from Pain" is almost a sort of semi-ballad type of song until the middle part kicks in with its Maiden-flavored parts and making the song overall more interesting. But it´s "Bullet to the Head" that makes these talented musicians sweat even more; a fast-paced song that probably is the most power metal-ish song off from THE NIGHTMARE WITHIN, being dominated by some killer semi-thrash riffs in it though. "God´s Creation Failed" doesn´t do anything else to me other than make me to want to push this ´Repeat´ button over and over again. The song´s got some of the album´s most vicious and cutting riffs, well-nailing rhythms and lead work in it - and that´s something I´m always after whenever talking about this type of metal in general: Killer, nicely punishing riffs with properly executed lead work. Period. Amen to that.

If an album has a killer opener, it also needs to be ended with a killer closer tune, right? This album follows that rule in a fine way. The title track of the album, "The Nightmare Within", with all its musically strong and sincerely appreciated elements in it (the riffs, the leads, strong vocals, etc.), truly serves its purpose as the last song on the album - and overall, to be the last song to give a very good impression about Sencirow as a more than worth checking out German outfit.

The soundcheck for this album successfully accomplished, I think. My next guess is that now you may want to navigate your way to a local record store and ask THE NIGHTMARE WITHIN from there... ;o)
Track Listing

01. The Phenomenon of Frugality
02. Demon Inside
03. Palace of Bones
04. Curse of Lying
05. The Beggar's Estate
06. World Collapse
07. Feeding the Rage
08. Deliver Me from Pain
09. Bullet to the Head
10. Gods Creation Failed
11. The Nightmare Within


Daniel "Kensington" Seifert - Vocals & guitar
Thorsten "Flip" Ernst - Guitar & backing vocals
Holger Fischer - Bass
Timo Schneider - Drums

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