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The Onslaught Has Just Begun (demo)
October 2003
Released: 2003, Indie
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Packaged in a slim-line case with a clear removable insert and all red CD this is an eye catching presentation . A good move! A simple but effective logo adds to the overall look of the demo.

I have to admit to a personal failing…I misplaced some info on the band (their bio) and the web-site seems to be down so I have very little technical info to share with your about this band. My apologies to the band and fans if this review seems lacking.

I can comment on the four cuts about eighteen minutes worth of music which is not bad. Not great, but not bad. The pace is fast but not blast beats. The guitar work is heavy, and crunchy but not really technical. The vocals are rough and ready but seemed strained. The vocalist is from the Phil school of strained yelling rather than using his throat to generate sound rather than the voice, rendering his vocals quite characterless and indistinct from many other young shouters in the game. The overall sound of the band is an odd mix they try to be a bit funky with bass and drums leading the way but mixed with the plain guitars and shouting it just makes it sound like a average mallcore band minus the rap and silly hip-hop vocal style. I spoke too soon as the spoken word rap style creeps in on track three ‘Scapegoat’.

The production is murky, there is little separation between the instruments, too much fuzz and the vocals are too far back in the mix. Every time I listened to this it went down in my estimation settling and seething just below the surface of mediocrity.
Track Listing

1. Oneself Lost
2. Beyond Hidden Measures
3. Scapegoat



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