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Vol. 1
February 2015
Released: 2015, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Seer is a promising new band from Vancouver, British Columbia. Their 2 track EP, VOL. 1 contains 14 minutes of diverse splices of doom, sludge, and stoner metal delivered at progressive metal song lengths. Howling and singing above low tuned guitars that simply bulldoze anything in their path are the twin vocals of Bronson Lee Norton and Kyle Tavares. The vocals are quite varied while the guitars recall the heady days of 70s riffs tuned about 3 half steps or so lower.

“Glimmervoid” is the nearly 8 minute opener, which features stomping guitars and even a strategically placed harmonica! It’s a catchy song and one that grabbed my attention, particularly in the heavy but ever shifting guitar riffs combined with drugged-out vocals. “Hive Mind” is just as good, with slightly more progressive and atmospheric elements. The vocals here are a little heavier as well, moving closer to death metal territory for a time and then back to what I guess would be a cool, inebriated drone.

The journey is brief, but VOL. 1 hints at great potential. The riffs are stellar, smoothly transitioning almost imperceptibly from riff to riff, so that it takes a few listens to hear just how often things change. Despite these progressive tendencies, everything ends up serving the overall concept of each song, which is not easy to accomplish. Let’s hope a full length VOL. 2 is in the works. Fans of this style should definitely take heed and check out SEER.
Track Listing

1. Glimmervoid

2. Hive Mind


Bronson Lee Norton - Vocals
Kyle Tavares - Guitar, Vocals
Josh Campbell - Bass
Rob Lewis - Drums

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