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December 2013
Released: 2013, Victory Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Victory is known, for better or worse, for its large stable of “core” bands. But every once in a while, they'll throw a metal curveball, like Canada's Erimha or Blackguard, Wretched, and, at least for awhile, D.C.'s brilliant Darkest Hour. You can add Texas brutes Seeker to the list.

Despite a benign, even bland, moniker, this muscular quartet deliver a rather bludgeoning mix of death metal, deathcore and some occasional djent-like dynamics and gymnastics. Reminiscent of Whitechapel, Seeker serve up heavy with a capital H – and with two less guitar players. Justin Egderton peels off hulking, churning riffs in short, sharp bursts all by his lonesome here. Indeed, he and his mates are models of efficiency, compressing everything into dense, compact hunks – most of the songs are right around 3 minutes long – that end up weighing a ton despite their tidy packaging.

Yet the band are adventurous enough not to simply settle in to convenient breakdown mode – and on the rare occasions that does happen, like everything else here, it doesn't last long. The rivet gun pummel of “Pale Death,” “Salvation” and “When Hope Fails,” the Meshuggah-like brown sound throb of “Dominance” and the shrill, pick-sweeping antics of “She” all boast that “little something extra” intangible that most “core” just can't seem to muster. And they still will knock you on your ass, without question.

Bryce Lucien's bug-eyed hollering is pretty standard issue – and goes a bit overboard during the “fuck you, fuck you” freak out he throws during “There Is Nothing.” But his voice - deep, gruff and convincingly mean as it is - blends just fine with the music and, almost like another instrument, brings even more heaviness to the band's already massive sound.
Track Listing

1. Alone
2. Pale Death
3. Unloved
4. Regret
5. Dominance
6. She
7. When Hope Falls
8. Salvation
9. There Is Nothing
10. Escape


Bryce Lucien - vocals
Chris Keasler - bass
Justin Edgerton - guitar
Dustin Weaver - drums

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