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Seasons of the Wolf
Once In A Blue Moon
May 2008
Released: 2007, Earth Mother Music and SOTW Tunes
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Seasons of The Wolf's latest album ONCE IN A BLUE MOON continues on in the band's unique sound and style. In a world of cookie cutter everything, SotW does things their own way including the actual sound/mix and the music itself. The band always has had elements of Black Sabbath and old Danzig, especially in the riff department. If you throw in some slight goth or "creepy" atmospheric effects, some NWOBHM, and a the distinctive slithering snarl of lead vocalist Wes Waddell and you have a pretty damn good idea of what you can expect. Although the vocals are clean, they have a venomous edge that might turn off the feint of heart looking for "la la la" clean vocals. What he may lack in technical ability is made up for with attitude and a distinctive sounding voice - something rare in any form of music.

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON gets off the ground with opener "Wings of Doom. A Sabbath meets old Danzig ("Twist of Cain" comes to mind) feel stands proud in this song. "Snaggletooth" has some faster double kick parts which were a nice addition. It’s here that I‘m wishing that the overall soundscape should be thickened up a bit since the guitars are not thick and meaty but sound less distorted. However this is one of my favs of the CD. The mellow melancholic "Nikhedonia" is in line with the melodic moments of something from Moonspell’s masterpiece IRRELIGIOUS. Yes it's a weird comparison, because both bands are dissimilar in more ways then they are the same, but with the creepy atmosphere and keys in this one, elements of the goth side of Moonspell are brought to mind. In "Ghost Woman" the leads shred it up moreso that usual for a SotW song. It’s one of the heavier songs on the album but still with great hooks especially with lines like "she waits for me on the other side...." great! "In the Shadows" has some "Planet Caravan" (Black Sabbath) elements. The guitar moves into a bounce along sHEAVY stlye but the catch is the riff stays with clean guitar. If the riff would have been played with heavy distortion after the first couple times clean, the song could of had another level to it rather than staying laid back. I assume the goal was to keep the song mellow, but that grooving riff is so good, it just begs to be heavied up!! "Behind The Eyes of Evil" (or as I've thought of it since the songs inclusion in our own Volume I release, "Behind The Eyes of EvilG". Ha!) is another great song that I’ve heard plenty of times. One weird thing is in the song "The Reaper" where the high hats sound like it's from a drum machine and as such I don't like it. "Alien Landscapes" sounds like someone soloing over stuff that came from messing with weird studio/keyboard effects. It does have some cool phased guitar sounds though. Pieces of "Alien Landscapes"sound like they could be used in a sci-fi movie. The drums don’t come in until about 4mins in and hardly go on for a minute. At over 5mins, the song does drag but has the kernel of a good idea.

If you are looking for some non-gay gothed up Danzig/Sabbath metal then SotW will have you howling for more. Check them out if you are tired of the same formulaic drivel that ends up infecting most styles of music. Boldly go…….
Track Listing

1. Wings Of Doom
2. Snaggletooth
3. Nikhedonia
4. Ghost Woman
5. In The Shadows
6. Behind The Eyes Of Evil
7. The Reaper
8. Battle Scars
9. Alien Landscapes
10. The Edge Of Time
11. Peace On Earth
12. Name Your Poison


Wes Edward Waddell – Vocals
Barry D. "Skully" Waddell – Guitars
Dennis "Dr. Samurai" Ristow – Keyboards
Mark Empire - Drums
Steve Satyr - Bass

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