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Sear Bliss
The Arcane Odyssey
September 2008
Released: 2008, Candlelight Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Simon Lukic

The fact that Sear Bliss hail from Hungry illicits intrigue and their sixth effort THE ARCANE ODYSSEY does just that with and style and conviction. Much like their contemporaries in Moonsorrow and Opeth, Sear Bliss have a flair for the epic and dramatic but they are clearly a black metal band with an eclectic, artistic heart.

From the get go, the opening track ‘Blood On The Milky Way’ blossoms into a dark brooding number that is sinister but varied, with brass instruments, particularity trombones and trumpets adding to the otherworldly vibe of the songs title. ‘Lost And Not Found’ offers a touch of doom, while Path To The Motherland’ surprised me with its use of very non metal embellishments. The traditional fan may scoff at Sear Bliss’ open minded approach but it all works and gives the music on THE ARCANE ODYSSEY a timeless quality. ‘Thorns of Deception’ is another standout track and ‘Somewhere’ is a success as it offers up some faster moments and great arrangements.

Sear Bliss is an exceptional band and essential for those wanting something out of the ordinary. The music on THE ARCANE ODYSSEY exudes both depth and variety and it’s always great to hear a band pushing the envelope. For all it’s controversy, black metal does provide an opportunity for musicians to transcend the obvious and the usual Norwegian influences if they want to. Sear Bliss is one of these forward thinking bands and the genre should celebrate their talent.
Track Listing

Blood On The Milky Way
A Deathly Illusion
Lost And Not Found
Thorns of Deception
The Venomous Grace
Omen of Doom
Path To The Motherland


András Nagy - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
István Neubrandt - Guitars
Péter Kovács - Guitars
Zoltán Pál - Trombone
Zoltán Schönberger - Drums

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