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Awakening of the Gods
March 2009
Released: 2009, Pulverised Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Seance is one of those Swedish death metal bands that made a somewhat short stint in the Swedish metal scene by releasing a couple of albums (FORNEVER LAID TO REST in 1992 and SALTRUBBED EYES in 1993), and then vanished from the earth as if they never existed. In fact, there are also many other good examples from the strong Swedish death metal scene of the 90s that did the same, but we also got to remember that the Swedish music industry became worldwide known for their a massive wave of quality death metal more than a decade ago; the famous Sunlight Studios sound, Thomas Skogberg, Kristian Wahlin (a.k.a Necrolord) and such things during the 90s.

Those times are well over and behind us already, but you know what? Seance have recorded their comeback album, titled AWAKENING OF THE GODS for the Singaporean Pulverised Records, after 13 years of silence. From the lineup of the band´s previous album SALTRUBBED EYES, 3 members are still left (Johan on vocals and bass, Tony on guitar and Micke on drums, with addition of Rille a.k.a Richard Corpse (Witchery) on 2nd guitar), so at least in that sense their comeback is well grounded.

AWAKENING OF THE GODS introduces this infamous Swedish group as a pretty violent and heavy death metal force, which they were back in the day. The band still manages to reek of some of those same neck-breaking elements - including vicious and groovy riffing, blast beat tornados, short, ear-splitting solos and such, that made their other two albums important for many death metal suckers. In other words, Seance hasn´t changed that drastically as one could think of at first although a slight modernization in their world of sound has happened. Most of the time the band has been switched on that mood on their new album in which they love to churn out ripping, fast paced stuff - sounding like have their own little blitzkrieg going on through most of the songs that they catapult around on AWAKENING OF THE GODS.

Seance neither have any new aces up in their sleeves so that they could break the safe mold a little bit - nor should they in the first place. They just offer the basics of their own brand of death metal, and that´s basically it. As one noteworthy - single detail, it needs to be mentioned that it´s rather amazing how much Johan sounds like David Vincent of Morbid Angel. His deep death grunts come from somewhere deep down from the depths of his bowels, and it´s hard to deny his ability to sound as a convincing death metal vocalist.

As solid and good sounding comeback album as AWAKENING OF THE GODS is from our reformed Swedish death dealers, it´s no match with either of their two previous albums that hold that needed classic value in both of them. Still, I for one wanna sincerely welcome them back to the death metal scene again because their heavily rolling death metal can still be considered as the real deal, so they are definitely not sell-outs, or money grabbing greedy whores that do it only for money or current hype. Seance indeed deliver their goods somewhat solidly on their 3rd record, so I gotta believe many of you will find a fair load of listening pleasure in it. Just give it a try.
Track Listing

01. Wasted
02. They
03. Your Time Has Come
04. Invocation
05. Flight of the Wicked
06. Murder
07. Choose Your Eternety
08. Forever Haunted
09. Revel in Death
10. Prisoner 666
11. Burn Me


Johan Larsson - Vocals and bass
Tony Kampner - Guitar
Rille Rimfält - Guitar
Micke - Drums

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