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...of Exile (Reissue)
June 2014
Released: 2013, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Even though I reviewed this album back in late 2011 when it came out, I’m going to touch on it again. Scythia has reissued their second album. I recently picked up the new version at their CD release party for their third album (if you follow) and thought I would do a quick review as a public service announcement.

…OF EXILE has been reissued with new cover art. While the art is thematically similar, and there was nothing really wrong with the original by Astrid Mayora, the new cover art by Alan Lathwell is superior. I wish I had a firesword. The new version is still a digipak but this time does not have a booklet unfortunately. In the notes the band explain the reasoning behind reissuing the new version so soon and explained that the first time they were rushed and not totally satisfied with the result. Accordingly they re-recorded some parts and remixed and re-mastered the whole thing.

I listened to the versions side by side and the new 2013 version is admittedly stronger. There are some sonic differences of course but the songs themselves do not appear to have been altered dramatically. It is still a very strong album as per my original review now it just sounds that much better. There have been some line-up changes as well, so this version does stand on it’s own.

I think to make it a worthwhile purchase you would have to be a big fan of Scythia to own both. It seems a bit unnecessary, I thought the original version was awesome but now the fans have some choice and the band is happier with their creative vision. Scythia says they will sell the last few remaining copies of the original and the new version will be the one available. For a more detailed look at the actual music, please refer to my original review.
Track Listing

1. Prelude
2. Spirit of the Quest
3. Sleeping Village
4. Forgotten Forest
5. Fallen King
6. Voice of the Sword
7. For The King
8. The Fortress
9. Dies Irae II
10. Hobarth's Inn


Celine Derval Drums, Vocals
Terry Savage Bass
Dave Khan Vocals, Guitar
Morgan Zentner Oboe
Scott F. Thompson Keyboards

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