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Scott Mosher
August 2002
Released: 2001, The Ambient Mind
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: JP

Wow. Probably the best packaging by an indie I have seen in ages. Extremely top notch, professional in all areas. Your eyes are greeted by a sea/space-scape with factory towers belching smoke into the red sky. Very cool. The cover encloses a 14 page, full colour booklet, with lyrics, liner notes, an essay, the artists bio, footnotes, all beautifully designed and integrated into a dozen or so computer generated images. Most of the images have a similar theme of the environment, the future, technology and so on. It reminds me a bit of something Gamma Ray would do but a darker and not as cartoonish. Very impressive.

The packaging and lyrics leaves no doubt to Mr. Moshers political stance. For what it is worth, I disagree with many of his opinions and feel politics don’t really have a place in music BUT… having said that music especially rock ‘n’ roll has always been a place of political protest (and awareness) so it is interesting to see a whole CD with a strong theme, and one that the artist obviously feels very passionately about. Scott is the ultimate one-man band. He did it all, lyrics, composition, artwork, design, performing all instruments, and the man is an incredible talent no matter what I think of his politics! He has some help from Todd Corsa on vocals and in some places guitar as well.

VIRTUALITY is a twelve track, minute CD that is more of an ambient prog rock/metal musical soundscape rather than 12 individual songs with unique identity. It might have been just me but it seemed that parts, (just little parts) like a guitar riff or keyboard swirl would show up again and again adding to feel of continuity between songs. There are lots of keyboards and synthesized sounds on this disc, some in a very riff-oriented style but mostly an underlying swash of texture that might usually be provided by a rhythm guitar. The programmed drums are just there to do the job nothing more nothing less.

It was very hard to categorize this CD and in fact Scott mentions that in his liner notes. Maybe that’s why I liked it, it is atypical and therefore sounds quite refreshing and unique. However, when you try to embrace something so personal and intimate as this CD if you are not on board, it lacks the emotional connection. Therefore although dazzled by the brilliance of it all I was left a bit emotional unattached, feeling many of the songs were too similar. Of course, that is the entire point, the cohesion of his artistic vision of “spiritual energy and therein is the abstract concept of the ambient mind” is remarkable however, because I don’t share that vision that’s why it fell short of top marks. Regardless of your stance I strongly recommend you check this CD out, it could be one of the most interesting things you hear this year. Visit
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