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Scott Mosher
May 2004
Released: 2004, The Ambient Mind
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Mr. Mosher is back with a third solo album on his own label and I admire his dedication. I enjoyed this disc better than the last one for three key reasons. One, it’s heavier. Two, it’s catchier. Three he has toned down the left wing protest feel, which I feel has never had a place in metal. Leave that for the punk rock kids.

Scott present a world-class package (again) with extensive notes, lyrics, photos uber-cool computer graphics, which I feel are becoming a bit of a trademark visual component. Again great production, heavily produced and crystal clear, but progressive rock/metal is supposed to be well produced and multi-layered.

Primarily this CD, Inferno is a touch, darker, faster and heavier than Virtuality. Eleven songs with two long ones (eight and eleven minutes) most songs are slightly more compact. On the last album, eight songs broke the six minute mark, on Inferno only three do, one of them being a remix of ‘Season of Fire’ from the last disc. By this I mean not necessarily simpler but the songs seem top focus on, fewer, but somewhat stronger ideas. It’s a fine line and a subtle distinction as this truly is progressive, ambient space-rock/metal of the highest order.

The songs are a bit faster, have a bit more crunch, the guitar tone is ever-so-slightly dirtier. Even so at over an hour this is a horsepill and requires a good attention span and attention to detail to absorb the nuances. Great album, great artist, I really hope (if he wishes) that Scott can make the jump to the big leagues. I could see him settling in nicely on Insideout or Magna Carta in the near future.
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Scott Mosher



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