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Return To Forever
October 2015
Released: 2015, Sony Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It seems that increasing frequency veteran Hard Rock and Metal bands formed in the 60’s,70’s and early 80’s are announcing (or at least hinting) they will be retiring or at least doing final shows, final album, final tours etc. Bands like Kiss, Rush, Motley Crue, Black Sabbath have all made some such announcements and so have Scorpions. On January 24, 2010 the band announced that their 17th album STING IN THE TAIL would be there last album. Thank goodness for Scorpions fans that that was not the case. In fact, the band was feeling so invigorated that since their announcement, they have actually done MORE albums at a faster pace! Since 2010 we got the nice Double Live album, GET YOUR STING AND BLACKOUT in 2011, then a cool covers album called COMEBLACK later that year, then yet another Double Live album, LIVE IN ATHENS IN 2014 and now a new studio album in 2015! Since ‘retiring’ they are busier and more productive than the previous two decades!

On the Double Live Album, LIVE IN ATHENS the band previewed two new songs ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ and ‘Rock and Roll Band’ in acoustic form. My feeling was that if those two songs made the next studio album in electric form the album would be killer, and I was not wrong. RETURN TO FOREVER is simply superb seeing the band at the height of their powers.

The album was not without controversy as the announced date for North America in early March was delayed for six months until Sept 11th. I’m not sure of the reason but perhaps to compensate the disappointed fans the band has added a whopping seven bonus tracks to the North American version! For once, North America does not get the shaft when it comes to bonus tracks and the monster 17 song album runs well over an hour making RETURN TO FOREVER the longest Scorpions album to date and the best value too. Despite a dull cover and yet another oddly worded ‘English as Second Language’ album title, RETURN TO FOREVER is extremely strong. I do miss the days when they would have semi-naked chicks on the album covers!

Some cynics and critics have implied the album is inferior because the band presents some songs that were originally written in the 80’s but those fools can be dismissed with the wave of a hand. Who cares what year a song was written, as long as it is a god song and the album is packed with them. The album has a perfect blend of rocker ‘n’ ballads, fast and slow, punchy and smooth as they cover all the bases. The lyrics are fun covering the bands usual universal topics, gambling, fast cars and faster women, rocking out, lost loves and world peace. The production is superb and James Kottack gets to stretch his wings a little bit as well. Meanwhile the indestructible writing team brings hit after hit. Anyone of these songs with their super-catchy sing-along choruses and acoustic electric interplay, would have been a multi-platinum hit in the 80’s. Times have changed but the bands skill at writing and performing these types of uber-melodic songs have not aged at all, nor diminished in any way.

The band really will do this style forever and always have, so I suppose the title RETURN TO FOREVER is very apt. Scorpions are on a roll with both STING IN THE TAIL and RETURN TO FOREVER being as good or better than anything they have ever done.
Track Listing

1. Going Out with a Bang
2. We Built This House
3. Rock My Car
4. House of Cards
5. All for One
6. Rock 'n' Roll Band
7. Catch Your Luck and Play
8. Rollin' Home
9. Hard Rockin' the Place
10. Eye of the Storm
11. The Scratch
12. Gypsy Life
13. The World We Used to Know
14. Dancing with the Moonlight
15. When the Truth Is a Lie
16. Who We Are
17. Crazy Ride
18. One And One Is Three
19. Delirious


Klaus Meine Vocals
Matthias Jabs Guitar
Rudolf Schenker Guitar
Paweł Mąciwoda-Jastrzębski Bass
James Kottak Drums



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