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Sacred Crucifix
From Beyond to... EP
March 2008
Released: 2008, CFTN Distribution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

One of the most long running Finnish old school death metallers, Sacred Crucifix, hammer down 5 ´new´ songs on their latest special EP, titled FROM BEYOND TO..., the main purpose of which is actually to promote their upcoming 2nd full-length album, SHALLOW GRAVE, to be released later this year.

"The House" that opens up the 5-song effort from the Sacred Crucifix camp, is actually the only new song they have featured for this EP. However, knowing that we are talking about Sacred Crucifix´s new song here, I personally consider this particular song as a step up from their previous stuff. I mean, "The House" is absolutely one of the most wicked and evil songs during their 21 years long history - and what even gives more credit to them, they have managed to stay very truthful and loyal to their original musical roots, without venturing into this millennium´s jungle of modernized sounds, or over-polishing their sound and thus ruining the band´s original concept of how Sacred Crucifix were meant to sound like since day one. "The House" shows great promise about all their other stuff on SHALLOW GRAVE, most definitely.

"The Last Path" is a re-recorded version for their so-called ´tour single´ which they recorded a couple of years ago. A heavy fucker with a menacing and dark atmosphere that mercilessly rolls over a listener like destructive tornadoes do during tornado season in Arkansas or in Missouri. "Pleasure of Nightmares" is also a re-recorded and re-named old Sacred Crucifix song (originally called "Unsound World"), taken from their 6-song demo that they released back in 1994 already with a completely different line-up. This version is a tad heavier and slower version than the original 1994 demo version; a downright heavy, mid-paced track. Seems like these northern fellows love to get their old school death metal churned out by as heavy hands as possible if "Pleasures..." as a single song is anything to go by.

Last but not least, Sacred Crucifix wanted to pay some homage to some of those bands they have always respected in one way or the other by covering Sentenced from Finland and Hobbs Angel of Death from Australia. "Crucifixion" off Hobbs A.O.D.´s self-titled debut album (on Steamhammer, 1988) gets a fair treatment in the hands of these Finnish old school deathsters. They have slowed down the tempo of Hobbs´ original version of the song a little bit, and that way the song has managed to gain more a sheer heaviness into it. This actually sounds a very decent version, and I bet Peter Hobbs himself would also be happy about Sacred Crucifix´s tribute towards that song. "When Death Joins Us/Hallucinations" (taken from the first ever Sentenced demo, titled WHEN DEATH JOINS US, 1990) ain´t too shabby a version of the original Sentenced demo song either. It can easily be noticed as that Sentenced demo song, but also it has something that adds Sacred Crucifix´s own handprint into the song; the way they obviously meant it to sound like in their final strategy, I guess.

FROM BEYOND TO... is definitely a very good teaser for all the fans of Sacred Crucifix that have anxiously been waiting for new material from these respected Finnish old school death metal torch bearers. The EP serves that purpose very well to keep the band´s name on people´s lips by making a bold statement that Sacred Crucifix are alive and still kicking our butts with no light boots at all. So, before the release of their 2nd album SHALLOW GRAVE, you may want to check this 5-song EP out from them, too?
Track Listing

01. The House
02. The Last Path
03. Pleasure of Nightmares
04. Crucifixion*
05. When Death Joins Us / Hallucinations**

* Hobbs Angel of Death cover
** Sentenced cover


Miku Mertanen - Vocals & bass
Tommi Määttä - Guitar
Toni Kyllönen - Guitar
Janen Kela - Drums

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