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A Savage Crazy World (DVD)
October 2015
Released: 2002, Mercury
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Sept 11th, 2015 was a big day for one of the world’s biggest Metal bands. Known for controversial lyrics and albums, a new album is always highly anticipated by Metal fans around the world. No I’m not talking about Slayer, I’m talking about Scorpions! In anticipation of the North American release of their 18th studio album, RETURN TO FORVER, I decided to pull out an old Scorpions DVD to watch and I decided to review it as well.

A SAVAGE CRAZY WORLD is the bands 7th home video release and it is a bit of a strange package. It is a single disc with a neat cover but no booklet. The sound and visual quality is very good. The DVD can be broken into three parts but really only two. Part one is a live concert from Berlin in 1991. However there are two problems. Upon closer inspection you learn that the concert is a re-release of the bands 4th home video, the poorly titled, CRAZY WORLD TOUR LIVE…BERLIN 1991. Secondly, it is not the whole concert! There are five songs missing! Scorpions are terrible for releasing only parts of a concerts and this seems like a bit of a rip-off to re-package part of a previously issued concert.

Part Two are some videos. Between 1982 and 2002 when this was issued Scorpions filmed and released 30 videos. For some reason the videos included only go from 1982-1994. During that period they filmed 18 videos, and there are 14 in this collection, so it is even not a complete collection, four are missing, ‘Big City Nights’, ‘I Can’t Explain’ and ‘Winds Of Change (regular version) and the alternate version of ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’. Why these videos are not included, I can’t explain. Ideally this collection should have had all 30 videos. I can understand that sometimes bands can’t get rights from other record companies to issue videos, it can be very expensive, but that is no excuse for the four missing videos from the same era and same record company. There seems to be no order to the videos at all and they say both versions of ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ are included but it doesn’t seem to be. From a technical perspective this is pretty poorly done in terms of design and presentation.

Despite all that, the videos are fun. It is good to have them all in one place even if they were all in heavy rotation at the time. It is good to see the few videos like ‘Alien Nation’ that never had heavy rotation on music videos stations as the market had embraced alternative and grunge by that point. I had almost forgotten about the video for ‘I’m Leaving You’ with the band being stuck in a small town in the mid-west US and being mobbed by the female baseball team. In fact, many of these videos are just loaded with super-hot, deadly chicks so it is easy on the eyes.

Part Three are bonus music videos, but it is just another four videos so what is the bonus? So really the DVD is 12 previously issued live songs and 14 videos. If you ignore some of the analytical/technical aspects I have provided, A SAVAGE CRAZY WORLD is still a really fun DVD. Scorpions were practically built for MTV and Much Music and this DVD captures some of their finest moments during what many consider to be their golden era and classic line-up.
Track Listing


1. Bad Boys Running Wild
2. Hit Between the Eyes
3. I Can’t Explain
4. The Zoo
5. Rhythm of Love
6. Crazy World
7. Can’t Live Without You
8. Blackout
9. Dynamite
10. Lust or Love
11. Big City Nights
12. Rock You Like a Hurricane

Music Videos

1. Rhythm of Love
2. Believe in Love
3. Walking On The Edge
4. Rock You Like a Hurricane
5. Still Loving You
6. Passion Rules the Game
7. Tease Me Please Me
8. Don’t Believe Her
9. Send Me an Angel
10.. Wind of Change
11. Alien Nation
12. Holiday
13. No One Like You
14. I’m Leaving You


Klaus Meine Vocals
Matthias Jabs Guitar
Rudolf Schenker Guitar
Francis Buchholz Bass
Herman Rarebell Drums



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