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May 2004
Released: 2004, Dynamic Arts Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

And what´s this Scorngrain then...?! I have to confess that I had never heard of them in my life before, so I naturally had no expectations, whatsoever toward them. After reading their press kit which came along with the CD, I became even more curious about this 3-piece act: “Acid Thrashing Cyber Metal Madness”?. Now what THE HELL is that supposed to be...?!

Having been listening to the band´s debut album titled CYBERWARMACINE 5-6 times in a row, I guess I need to confess I like them pretty much. I really do. The band has combined elements from Thrash Metal to Industrial to Black Metal and added some very twisted and deranged sample effects here and there into their somewhat apocalyptic world of sounds. And all this seems to work out a very fine way for them musically even if after I heard this (luckily!) short ´Rap´ –part in the beginning of the 1st song called “24-7 Hell”, I nearly stopped spinning the album in my CD –player. Whether their main intention was to gain a more unique and original feeling for the album by that ´shocking´ Rap –thing in that particular song or not, I think it still was a relatively badly failed attempt from them to bless CYBERWARMACHINE with even more of their trademark sound or whatever really...

However, CYBERWARMACHINE still oozes some ingredients that manage to keep it above the surface without giving it too much chance to get buried into a huge mass of totally forgotten albums. I mean, there are quite a big bunch of similar things used on this album that give me a good enough reason to point my finger toward such acts as Norwegian ´Cyber Metal´ acts as The Kovenant and Limbonic Art - and even the Canadian Industrial-Thrash act Inner Thought fits quite well into this musical diagnosis about Scorngrain – not to forget Finland´s The Wicked completely either! However, two of the most noteworthy and strongest things on CYBERWARMACHINE to make some thrilling vibes running down a listener´s back are, in my opinion at least, Dr. Mike´s extremely heavy and shredding guitar parts that should make many Thrash –musicians envy him and TwentynineA´s shrieking, black´ish vocal attacks that have this strange tendency to sound damn fuckin´ evil, mean and malicious, making you kind of bowing him, full of admiration toward his semi-Satanic Majesty. Overall the album´s atmosphere is very apocalyptic and dark without any joyful moments, so if that´s something you are about to look for, then I guess here might me your chance to get familiar with Scorngrain´s distorted world of a total devastation.

The production is top-notch and very modern sounding (recorded at MediaWorks Studios by Kimmo Perkkiö and the band), so what more could you possibly need?
Track Listing

01. 24-7 Hell
02. Blank
03. Cyberwarmachine
04. Flesh Means Pain
05. Killing Breed
06. 4-D Religion
07. New Paradise (bukkage remix)
08. Dawn of Hypocrite God
09. No Funeral for the Last


Eniac – Drums & programming
Dr. Mike – Guitars & programming
TwentynineA - Vocals

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