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Sacred Crucifix
November 2004
Released: 2004, Poison Arrow Records
Rating: 4.6/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

AEON OF CHAOS, the debut album from legendary Finnish deathsters Sacred Crucifix, is one of those albums that I have been waiting for years to be released! As some background info on Sacred Crucifix, the band was formed as Criminal Assault sixteen years ago. The band name was changed to Sacred Crucifix in 1989. Ever since they recorded their relatively well-known debut demo REALMS OF DARKNESS in 1989 I have kept my fingers crossed that one day I would hold the band’s debut album in my anxious hands. That day is here now and this feels almost too good to be true. After years of struggling they’ve finally got the old line up back together and pushed themselves hard towards one goal ... the release of AEON OF CHAOS.

AEON OF CHAOS consists of eleven songs, of which four were recorded as early as the end of 1989 (“Requiem”) through the beginning of the 1990s (“Chosen One”). Sacred Crucifix has this ancient old school spirit tightly stuck in their evil, savage and twisted death/thrash metal sound. That should appeal to many metal fans, without a doubt. In fact, they have hardly even tried to be the most technical or trickiest band in the death metal scene, but have more or less concentrated on creating this special kind of a catchy niche for their somewhat primitive, brutal and even nicely eerie death metal sound. The sound has absorbed some elements of thrash metal into the same delicious soup as well. Their sound is roughly 70% old school death metal and 30% old school thrash metal. That’s a perfect balance, in my opinion. Once you have placed AEON OF CHAOS into your CD player and pushed the play button, you will be soon be pushing the repeat button. Chances are that the album may get stuck in there for days to come, without you even noticing it. That’s how good this fucking album really is!

Sacred Crucifix have managed to stay extremely loyal to their musical roots ever since they started the band. If someone told you this album was done in the late 80s or early 90s, you would believe it without hesitation. I like the older, more familiar songs the best. “To Wallachia (Vlad Dracul)”, “Chosen One” and especially “Requiem” whip up the best feeling and vibe, but I guess that has pretty much to do with this jolly good thing called nostalgia too. As for the newest tracks, “Low Nobility” and “The Creature From The North” may well become my favorite songs from them as well. Only time will tel l…

Also, it´s safe to say that one fact still remains the same. AEON OF CHAOS is, being measured by anyone´s lights, one of the most essential and important corner stones of the Finnish Death/Thrash Metal scene and people should keep that in their minds when they are about to grab of a copy of this. Or in fact, in my opinion they really SHOULD grab a copy of AEON OF CHAOS in order to realize and get a bit better idea what kind of ´true gems´ we Finns have been concealing in our own underground Metal scene through the past two decades under the most secret shadows. AEON OF CHAOS is one of these gems, and absolutely being ripped out from one of the hugest and most well-kept shadows without any doubts. It took 16 years from them to get their debut album released, but I can assure you it was worth waiting…
Track Listing

01. Aeon Of Chaos
02. Gone
03. Low Nobility
04. 3 Times the 12th Letter
05. To Wallachia (Vlad Dracul)
06. The Creature from the North
07. The Painhour
08. Requiem
09. 13
10. Still Here
11. Chosen One


Miku Mertanen – Vocals & guitar
Sami Taimela– Guitar
Tommi Määttä - Guitar
Janne Kela – Drums

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