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Unbeliever`s Script
May 2006
Released: 2004, Empire Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

I had never heard Sceptic before and man was I blown away. This polish death cavalry really knows how to keep music interesting. They mix Technical Death Metal with prog influences and some classic Heavy Metal that reminded me about Death (hail Chuck) and Pestilence, specially in the technical parts.

The opener "UnbelieverĀ“s Script" is a killer that from the beginning lets us know that we are listening to a band with a great knowledge of complex musical composition. "Illusion Possessor" is fucking great and from its classic Metal intro is destined to be one of the best songs of the entire CD. Other killers are "Knowledge Gatherer", "Shapeless Entity" and "Spiritually Tormented" which contains a rather interesting middle part.

If I had to criticize something it would be the drum sound. Unfortunately, it does not do justice to the overall sound. The snare and the kick drum sound thin. DonĀ“t get me wrong, it is not awful but had it been better, UNBELIEVER'S SCRIPT would be a complete and annihilating CD all around. Unfortunately it is not that way.

Once again Poland is in the Metal Map and once again it is with a very interesting musical proposal. Sceptic have crafter a very interesting third CD that will appeal to fans of late Death and Technical Death Metal lovers in general. This guys can really damage and there is no better example than UNBELIEVERS SCRIPT to prove the point.
Track Listing

Unbeliever's Script
Illussion Possessor
Controlled by Mind
Soul Controllers
Shapeless Entity
Knowledge Gatherer
Voices from the Past (Instrumental)
Spiritually Tormented
Waves of Destruction


Jacek Hiro - Guitars
Marcin Urbas - Vocals
Grzegorz Feliks - Bass
Jakub Chmura - Drums



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