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Scent of Flesh
Deform in Torture
March 2007
Released: 2007, Firebox Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

... and just when you thought the flesh carnival is over, the Finnish meathook messiahs Scent of Flesh decided for you the party is just about to start. I can assure you when these morbid fellows of blood-reeking Death Metal put up a flesh feast of their own, there´s always enough recently dismembered meat around the bones. Sounds like each of us wanna join the party, right?

DEFORM IN TORTURE, which is also the band´s 3rd full-length album, is one vicious and merciless beast from these Finnish flesh maestros. It seems like the older this band turns, the more vicious and brutal they become. But that´s nothing but fine by me because I have always wanted to join their parties, knowing how brutal and messy they can get eventually.

With the 8 songs the Scent of Flesh´s butcher company has composed for this new opus, they still trust heavily American-influenced technical and brutal Death Metal similar musically to both Deicide and Suffocation which is cool - well, only if you just happen to like those two aforementioned names what they represent musically. If you are looking for something else, then obviously you should seriously consider joining another, (eh!) ´lamer´ party. As it can be revealed, Scent of Flesh ain´t afraid of hiding their love for Suffocation-ish, or especially Deicide-sque elements in their music. Actually, on the contrary, they seem to worship those bands so much that one may feel Scent of Flesh just wants to show their gratitude and appreciation toward their masters how they both have influenced them over the years. The first song, “Living but Stillborn” proves very well what kind of a strong impact Suffocation has had on Scent of Flesh musically whereas, let´s take a song called “Last Act of Power”, is sort of Scent of Flesh´s own tribute to Deicide´s self-titled masterpiece which is their debut album, naturally. And if these ingredients are enough to make you happy and cut your flesh in sheer excitement, then by my guest. Scent of Flesh at least know they do have helluva fun when they turn your stomach inside out, mangle your blood - and flesh tissue-covered palpitating corpse and separate the flesh from your bones by a huge felling ax.

Brutally marvelous, marvelously corpse-shredding Death Metal here. Scent of Flesh´s tales of dismembered corpses continue victoriously on DEFORM IN TORTURE.
Track Listing

01. Living but Stillborn
02. At the Stake of Mercy
03. Deform in Torture
04. Last Act of Power
05. Relentless Hands
06. Delusions of Deity
07. One Holy Truth
08. Our Own Archnemesis


Matti Viisainen - Vocals, guitar
Aleksi Susi - Guitar
Samu Viisainen - Bass
Antti Suikkanen - Drums

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