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Darkness and Light
April 2007
Released: 2007, MTM Music/Zink Music
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Scelerata is a Brazilian act that has played with acts like Deep Purple, Gamma Ray, and Angra (where you can find one of Scelerata’s biggest fans: singer Edu Falaschi, who also guests on this album). Scelerata is influenced by Helloween, Iron Maiden, and Dream Theater, but their music is mostly influenced by Dream Theater if you ask me. The band’s musical style is a somewhat technical/progressive heavy/power metal with a little melodic flavor added in.

Even though the music is well-played and the material is decent, there’s something missing. Maybe it’s the band’s difficulty in finding their own sound; as it is now, Scelerata sounds like Helloween and Dream Theater thrown into a blender. The fact that the lead singer isn’t that good at singing doesn’t make it better in any way. His voice doesn’t match the music and he single-handedly drags down the rating. Angra singer Falaschi sings on the title track “Darkness and Light” and in that song you can clearly hear the difference in skill between the two singers.

While the material and singer are quite poor, the production is actually quite good. Thiago Bianci produced the album along with the band, and the only thing I have to say about the production besides “nice work” is that they sometimes exaggerate the keyboards and put lead vocals way too high in the mix.

To be honest, Scelerata still have some things to work on before they can call themselves a great band. DARKNESS AND LIGHT doesn’t make me smile and before the release of their next album I really hope they can find their own style and sound. As it is now, they sound way too much like copycats. This sounds like a Dream Theater album with a poor singer, and I don’t really think that was what the band wanted the album to sound like.
Track Listing

1. Land of the Sins
2. Holy Fire
3. Eminence
4. The Spill of Time
5. Ethereal Places
6. Endless
7. Darkness and Light
8. Spirits Looking For
9. Wings to Fly
10. Adonai (sacred melodies)


Carl Casagrande – lead vocals
Magnus Wichmann – guitar
Bruno Sandri – guitar
Gustavo Strapzon – bass
Francis Cassol – drums

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