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Sounds From The Sewer
May 2015
Released: 2015, Listenable Insanity Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Hailing from State College, Pennsylvania; Scab are a two-piece grind metal band comprised of multi-instrumentalist Taylor Nordberg (Infernaeon) who performs guitar, bass and vocals and Tyler Gearhar who beats the drums to death yet also finds time to sing. Formed in 2013, Scab has already amassed five EP's and have recently spewed forth their third full-length offering SOUNDS FROM THE SEWER.

So, what do you need to know about SOUNDS FROM THE SEWER? Well, there are twenty-two songs on tap. That's because most songs are about a minute long in duration, There are fun song titles like "We'll Give You Hearing A.I.D.S." and "Tale Of The Pale Exposer" and who could forget "Shit Spit"? I hear some moshpit inducing hardcore tinged punk rock outbursts every so often in between the usual diarrhetic grind metal vocal warblings and it was enough to keep things interesting.

I don't know if I received an unmastered advance copy or not, it was just a CD-R with Scab written in permanent marker and a smiley face next to a scribbling of "For Promotional Use Only". Anyway, I'm guessing that this is a faithful reproduction of the finished, mastered album. Which is fine, it's not the greatest mix. What did you expect? Arch Enemy? Nevermore? The production is appropriate for a sleazy, underground, filthy toilet-humored grind metal album.

Tyler and Taylor have undeniable musical chops. The actual musicianship is pretty impressive at times. Being that I'm pretty familiar with Taylor's affiliation with Florida death metallers Infernaeon, my guess is he's having a laugh with Scab during some downtime from Infernaeon. But what do I know? I'm a heavy metal guy, I might have like four or five grind CD's in my entire fucking collection. I'm far from what I'd call an expert in the world of grind but if blast beats and screechy vocals are your deal then these guys deliver pretty convincingly.
Track Listing

1. Amniotic Sacrifice
2. We'll Give You Hearing AIDS
3. B.T.B.T. (Beer Today, Bong Tomorrow)
4. Gorged
5. Dead by Deaf
6. Human Claw Machine
7. Sex Pig...If There's a Bill, There's a Way
8. Krokodil
9. Worm Feast
10. Helicopter Rage
11. J├ąger Bomb Squad
12. F.O.R.P. (Hammered & Screwed)
13. Tale of the Pale Exposer
14. Staple Gun Succubus
15. Placentipede: Part I (After Birth)
16. Placentipede: Part II (After Death)
17. Staring Down the Barrel
18. Inbred & Butter
19. City of Piling Guts
20. Rodent Beverages
21. Shit Spit
22. Unlimbed


Tyler Gearhar - Drums, Vocals
Taylor Nordberg - Guitars, Bass, Vocals

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