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June 2000
Released: 2000, Gun
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

First thought upon hearing the new demo EP from Scaar? “Wow, these guys really like Pantera”. Upon further listening? “Wow, these guys like Pissing Razors, Machine Head, and Skinlab”. So right there, you know basically what you’re going to get from Scaar – heavy, low-tuned, punishing riffage that would just as soon kick your ass as have you listen in. Not the most original stuff in the world, but damn if I don’t headbang along to the grooves. Take note, ‘cause I’m thinking that the boys in Scaar are going to be makin’ some big noise in the near future.

I guess Pantera isn’t really too far of a comparison to make, but the other three bands that I mentioned fit the bill nicely. Vocalist Alex has that gravelly voice that you’d expect to hear from this “ten ton hammer” style of metal. The good thing is though, Alex also puts throws in the occasional screams, “clean” vocals, and high-pitched caterwauls to break up the monotony. This style of vocal is good to hear and will help Alex and the band avoid the inevitable (but mostly unfounded) shouts of “Rob Flynn rip-offs!” The thing that can derail a band of this type is the rhythm section – a shitty one will blow the whole deal. So, what really sets Scaar apart is the drumming of Steve. The guy is a whirlwind behind the kit, bashing away irreverently and yet lapsing into perfect grooves at the stop of a dime. You’ll definitely not hear any complainin’ from me there! Bassist Ztikkan is barely audible at some points, but he has a fuzzy bass tone that adds a stoner-ish quality to the proceedings. Finally, Alf’s guitar riffs will stick in yer head fer days – just check out “Chain My Head” to see what I mean.

So what we’ve got here is a band that’s still quite young and still tryin’ to find its own two legs to stand on. As it stands, Scaar is still a little too dependent on its influences to really stand out from the pack, but they’re trying and when they get there, damn, watch out! Only 3 songs on Inferno, but it’s worth the listen, so contact ‘em:, or got to
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