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Savior From Anger
Lost In The Darkness
May 2010
Released: 2009, Rock It Up Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

Savior From Anger is an Italian band, formed in 2006 by journeyman guitarist Marco Ruggiero. The band promptly recorded a four track EP titled NO WAY OUT. On the strength of this EP, the band has shared the stage for several international heavyweights like Dark Tranquility, Anathema, and Rhapsody On Fire. Savior From Anger plays a hybrid style of speed metal /power metal, and in 2009 they released their first full length album LOST IN THE DARKNESS.

Right from the opener “Claustrophobia”, the band seeks to impress with a brief proggy intro, before a heavy riff kicks in. Now enters Alessandro Granato, a vocalist that recalls the glory days of Fates Warning’s Ray Alder and the band backs him with equal skill. The pace is decidedly frenzied, with driving riffs and drum beats propelling the songs with only one track under four minutes. Things do not change much until “Through This Life”, a decent ballad that helps add variety to the often repetitive tempos of most of the album. No question, there is an old school vibe to much of this, and Granato’s vocals help push the often retro sound into more modern power metal styles.

The production is lacking some punch though, with everything clear but a bit muffled. This type of music should sound brighter and more up front. Musically, the band is definitely gifted and if you like bands like Labyrinth and early Ray Alder Fates Warning era, there are some things on here you will enjoy. However, Savior From Anger is not nearly as good as either of these bands, and while it is Labyrinth’s throne that they probably aspire too, they have a way to go before getting there. Nevertheless, this is a decent step in that direction and a refreshing return to a more vintage style North American influenced power metal.
Track Listing

01 Claustrophobia

02 Victim Of Rage

03 No Way Out

04 Killing Greed

05 Double Shot

06 Mindstruck

07 Shudder Of Death

08 Through This Life

09 Shock Wave

10 Puncture Of Submission (Bonus)


Marco Ruggiero- Guitar
Alessandro Granato - Vocals
Antonio Di Costanzo - Bass
Michele Coppola - Drums

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