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Victory`s In Sight
May 2002
Released: 1999, Iron Glory Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Michael De Los Muertos

Hidden Gem Review

I’ve reported on the “epic metal” scene of Rome, Italy a few times now, focusing mostly on the accomplishments of Stormlord, which continues to be one of the stalwarts of that highly overlooked and underrated metal scene. Savers is another band from the incestuous scene based in the cradle of Western civilization, and their album VICTORY’S IN SIGHT is probably as crucial to a fan of the Roman metal scene as Stormlord themselves.

Savers could probably be classified most fairly as power metal, but they aren’t likely to be slagged as a “Helloween clone band” or accused of following in the footsteps of Rhapsody. On the contrary, their somewhat more reserved style is fairly unique. Their stuff is melodic, their rhythm lines are double-bass driven, and vocalist Marco Moretti approaches the material with strong, clean-sounding, powerful tones. However in my opinion Savers has just a touch of a thrashy edge that makes them unique. The second track, “Will O’ The Wisp,” is one of the album’s premier examples of this “best of both worlds” sound, which results in a platter of songs that are catchy but not quite as anthemic as most power metal bands are. All the tracks here have something interesting and enjoyable about them. The bass line that opens “King of the Poor,” the ballady opening of the title track, and the galloping quality of “Savers” all make for an enjoyable album, even if it doesn’t offer anything earth-shattering in terms of originality or musical progression.

This band is enjoyable, but they do tend to sound a little thin at times. Part of that may be the fault of the production, which is flat, and tragically so in the case of a band that relies heavily on melody. The guitars are almost--but not quite--heavy enough to carry this material over the top. Drummer Piero Pierantozzi (an acquaintance of mine) could also use a bit more thunder in his sound. All told you come away from this album satisfied, but also cognizant that Savers could still get louder, faster, heavier, and more epic. To keep up with their compatriots from Rome, it would seem they have little choice.

Nonetheless, VICTORY’S IN SIGHT is an achievement worthy of pride, and worthy of a good listen from any serious power metal fan. I’m not sure what this band is up to these days, but I hope it involves a recording studio and another album release. I’m reasonably confident, though. I know Italian metalheads well enough to know they never give up and never sell out, and their slavish devotion to their craft is most definitely to the benefit of us, the listeners.
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» Victory`s In Sight
by Michael De Los Muertos

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