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Savage Messiah
The Fateful Dark
April 2014
Released: 2014, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

The thrash metal revival is one of the most favorite, lovely and valued revivals in metal music. This is being by the older bands by releasing newly thrash metal albums (see Slayer, Kreator, Anthrax, Overkill, Testament, Sodom, etc.) and new band like Evile, Suicidal Angels, Warbringer, Toxik Holocaust, Vektor, Violator, Bonded By Blood any many more. Of course, those new bands are not thrash metal pioneers but more or less they helped thrash metal being again one of the top listed metal genres.

Savage Messiah is one of those new bands that have the same purpose as the forenamed bands. Their third album, THE FATEFUL DARK is possibly an album that makes the band making its next big step and be the next big thing in thrash metal kingdom.

THE FATEFUL DARK is a (melodic) thrash metal album in the veins of Metallica, Anthrax with a touch of Iron Maiden (see the vocal rhythm in ‘The Cursed Earth’) and Judas Priest (especially on the lead guitar and solos). Dave Silver’s clean vocals are of the fewest good vocals in thrash metal and far away of the usual howls or growls. Beyond the thrashing-all-around- songs there are emotional ones which are pretty good and can touch you (‘Live As One Already Dead’).

The result is a jaw-dropping effort that takes the unique template of the band's debut record, INSURRECTION RISING and sophomore one, PLAGUE OF CONSCIENCE, to the next level, fully cementing Savage Messiah’s signature sound. All in all, an earthquake inducing album... The new record is a sweltering masterpiece that crackles with intensity and rhythmic syncopation enjoying the special Halford-ised screams in ‘Scavengers Of Mercy’ together with the Iron Maiden-influnced riffage. This album is a fresh heavy/thrash metal effort paying homage to the monsters of metal.
Track Listing

1. Iconocaust
2. Minority Of One
3. Cross Of Babylon
4. Hellblazer
5. Live As One Already Dead
6. The Fateful Dark
7. Zero Hour
8. Hammered Down
9. Scavengers Of Mercy
10. The Cursed Earth


Dave Silver – Vocals, Guitar
Joff Bailey - Guitar
Stefano Selvatico - Bass
Andrea Gorio - Drums

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