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Savage Messiah
Spitting Venom
December 2007
Released: 2007, SMR Productions
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The London-based thrashers Savage Messiah have understood very well what is demanded from a band if it wants to make an indelible impact on listeners: Build up a song that is full of those ´ever-hot´ elements that stick to one´s mind right from the first moments, and never include any ´so-so´ elements if you don´t feel secure enough with them. Savage Messiah have accomplished their, may I say, ´ultimate goals´ by releasing a real stand-out album with style - and are really on the safe waters with their debut release, SPITTING VENOM. In fact, what they do on this release, they have been smart enough to understand the meaning of killer and truly catchy melodies, well-made and focused target-hitting riffs, great vocals, etc. - and just made the best out of them.

Savage Messiah cleverly combine sort of Testament-Exodus tinged old school thrash, mixing it with pure heavy metal - and as a result of this, it´s simply impossible to resist what they do on SPITTING VENOM. They really have a good touch in everything they do, and they are surely not making any compromises to please the masses, but are doing this for themselves only. Most of time Savage Messiah keep their energy level relatively up, determinedly churning out very riff-laden and heavy thrash metal that rolls over listeners effortlessly and very easily indeed, and which eventually makes them simply beg for more. For example the riffings in both "Frontline" and "Servant to Your Soul" could be considered pure genius in terms of managing to capture people´s attention immediately with its sheer catchiness, and overall making all of us realize how irresistible and captivating Savage Messiah´s thrash can actually sound like. As for the band´s muscle of heavy metal, in "Heaven's Gate" Maiden´s influence is pretty obvious, and I can hardly see them denying this fact either.

Savage Messiah don´t bring any new spices into the already existing thrash metal soup though, but they make it even thicker with their surprisingly positive and strong effort on SPITTING VENOM. The taste of venom they have spat out on their songs, shows great promise about the band´s future.

First England brought us Onslaught´s comeback, then Sabbat´s new coming, then Evile - and now even this. All this makes me to want to end this by throwing Manowar´s 3rd album title high in the air, and yell from the top of my lungs: "Hail to fuckin´ England indeed...!!". Such a great band - and such a great release!
Track Listing

01. Spitting Venom
02. Frontline
03. Servant to Your Death
04. Heaven's Gate
05. W.D.U
06. Conspiracy in Silence
07. In for the Kill
08. In Cold Blood (demo bonus track)


Dave Silver - Vocals & guitar
James Tyler - Guitar
Chris O'Toole - Bass
Pete Hunt - Drums

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