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Savage Master
With Whips And Chains
April 2016
Released: 2016, High Roller Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Occult metal from Kentucky! Never thought I would include Kentucky and occult metal in the same sentence but there you go. Savage Master hails from Louisville and formed in 2013. WITH WHIPS AND CHAINS is the band’s second album, but my first exposure to them. Released on High Roller Records, it does not take long to take the measure of Savage Master, and their influences are worn proudly on their sleeves.

Leading the way is front woman Stacy “Savage” Peak, delivering her vocals in the style of Besty Bitch and to a lesser extent Doro Pesch. The band follows suit with your basic meat and potatoes metal, recalling older and simpler days. The title track is a shining example of the gritty metal on the album, with gang vocals on the chorus and Peak’s gruff tone delivering odes to Satan. “Looking For A Sacrifice” has a guitar sound that will remind people of the sound on KILL ‘EM ALL and indeed, there are several places on the album that have NWOBHM feel mixed with speed metal guitar riffs.

One thing that is immediately apparent is the retro production that lends a slightly muddy sound to the record but definitely helps round out the overall vintage feel of the project. WITH WHIPS AND CHAINS is mostly fun but also a reminder of how primitive some of that old music sounded. Savage Master does not offer a great deal of variety, so traditional gallops are the order of the day. Fans of Bitch, Cirith Ungol, and early American speed metal will find Savage Master a ball of fun with plenty of value in return visits. Others, like myself, will appreciate the faithful adherence to the 80s metal vibe of this album but will not find reason to make it a regular part of their listening rotation.
Track Listing

01. Call Of The Master
02. Dark Light Of The Moon
03. With Whips And Chains
04. Path Of The Necromancer
05. Vengeance Is Steel
06. Looking For A Sacrifice
07. Satan's Crown
08. Burned At The Stake
09. Black Hooves
10. Ready To Sin


Stacey Savage - vocals
Adam Neal - guitar
Larry Myers - guitar
Brandon "BB Gunz" Brown - bass guitar
Zach Harris - drums

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