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Savage Circus
Dreamland Manor
March 2006
Released: 2006, Dockyard 1
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

If you played this album for any Blind Guardian fan without telling them what it was, they would reply with confidence that it was unreleased material from Blind Guardian...perhaps recorded around the time of IMAGINATIONS FROM THE OTHER SIDE. A big part of the reason for the band sounding so much like Blind Guardian is that this is the brainchild of Thomen Stauch, ex-drummer of Blind Guardian.

Of course, a drummer is not usually the one entirely responsible for a band’s add in vocalist/guitarist Jens Carlsson from Persuader (a band whose career I’ve rabidly followed since their inception) and another unstoppable force whose music with Iron Savior simply rules - Piet Sielck (guitars, backing vocals, bass). Completing the line-up on lead guitar is Emil Norberg, also from Persuader. So take a huge dose of Blind Guardian, add in some Persuader and Iron Savior and you get one godly album. The only reason I didn’t give this a 5/5 is because it’s not original...but it’s so well done and executed that it perhaps deserves it! A small part of me just can’t get past the fact that the band could of done more than rehash old Blind Guardian.

So what about the songs on here? Should I bother to rant on about them in detail when you know EXACTLY what you’re gonna get if you pick it up? In this case, it’s a waste of my precious time and yours. The bottom line is this album is, from beginning to end, just plain awesome! If you like the bands from whence these guys originate (primarily older Blind Guardian), you will love Savage Circus on first listen. I just hope that the existence of Savage Circus does not throw off us getting news albums from the members' other bands. So on that note let’s end with a few points for the band members:

Piet - the last Iron Savior, BATTERING RAM, was in 2004...come on with a new one for 2006

Persuader dudes - EVOLUTION PURGATORY came out in 2004, it was recorded in 2003...we are dying for some new vicious power metal!!

Savage Circus - you fkn rule! Put out a second album and consider the fact that you have some wicked talent in this band that does not need to ONLY rely on your combined ability to emulate Blind Guardian.
Track Listing

01. Evil Eyes
02. Between The Devil And The Seas
03. Waltz Of The Demon
04. Tomorrowland
05. It – The Gathering
06. Beyond Reality
07. When Hell Awakes
08. Ghost Story
09. Born Again By The Night


Emil Norberg - guitars
Jens Carlsson - vocals & guitars
Piet Sielck - guitars, bass, backing vocals
Thomen Stauch - drums

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