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Conquest Through Attrition
April 2017
Released: 2016, Dystopian Dogs
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Hailing from East Lansing, Michigan, Sauron have been delivering ear blistering blackened thrash for the last seventeen years. Following a steady stream of demo releases; CONQUEST THROUGH ATTRITION is the band's third full-length release.

Things are off to a quick start with the face-ripping speed and intensity of "Blood For The Savage Blade". It's easy to compare Sauron's sound to the teutonic German thrash acts of the eighties but the first comparisons that came to mind for me were early Absu and Bloodstorm. These guys are fast, vicious and they are not fucking around. "Twisted Metal Minds" is a whirlwind tornado of metal riffery, pounding drums and bloodshrieking screams. These guys must slay on stage. "Absolute Hell" gives a nod to Hellhammer or early Celtic Frost and is sure to keep the circle pits going.

The beginning of "Black Sorcery" reminds me of "Pleasure To Kill" era Kreator via it's extremely pissed off vocal delivery and razor sharp riffing but come chorus time it's more reminiscent of early mid-tempo Sodom. "Rotten And Ready" incorporates some eighties hardcore punk tempos/riffs that surface from time to time on the band's other songs but are most noticeable on this track. "One Foot In The Grave" opens with some slow doomy guitar noodling before kicking into full on thrash insanity. The title track "CONQUEST THROUGH ATTRITION" ends the album on a chaotic, blackened, hellride (much like it began) these guys are never short of a bajillion killer riffs to encapsulate and decapitate you with.

In terms of production I would say this sounds top notch for what the band is trying to accomplish. Very good mix sonically for blackened thrash. Nothing about the album cover of booklet/layout is that notable. In fact, that's almost at the expense of the band because the music is so good it really does deserve something that conveys the ass kicking this album will produce. All in all, this is a great third full-length release for Sauron and one that is sure to leave blackened thrash fans satisfied. I'd recommend picking this one up for sure!
Track Listing

1. Blood For The Savage Blade
2. Twisted Metal Minds
3. Absolute Hell
4. Black Sorcery
5. Rotten And Ready
6. One Foot In The Grave
7. Conquest Through Attrition


Victor "Lore Lord" Ruiz - Guitar
Mike "Skinthrasher" Hudson - Drums
Doomy G. Blackthrash - Bass, Vocals



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