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Now, Diabolical
July 2006
Released: 2006, Century Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

Right now I am a bit pissed off. Mexico got eliminated from the World Cup on Saturday, and today, Tuesday, the French just threw out Spain. My World Cup is over; I don’t have any one to cheer for. It is going to be fun watching the rest of the games, but without a team, nah, it won’t be the same.

To get the anger out of me, I decided to grab Satyricon´s newest slab of Metal, NOW, DIABOLICAL, and turn the volume knob way up high for it to sink in my dark mind and take me somewhere else. A better hellish place. Fortunately, Satyricon´s latest seems to be working on my mind. It doesn’t get better than this when it comes to Black n´Roll!!!

NOW, DIABOLICAL is extremely groovy and has a raw yet very clear production that never sacrifices the overall dark, dense and extremely organic atmosphere. Satyr’s vocal approach is as razor-sharp as ever and his guitar work catchy and very memorable. Frost also plays in a very memorable way where the drums are mostly in the mid-tempo range. There are very few fast parts. There is no denying that this is the future of Black Metal, and to hell with purists, Black n’ Roll kills!!!

To tell you the truth I hadn’t heard Satyricon since NEMESIS DIVINA and they really impressed me here. I could even say, that NOW, DIABOLICAL is even better than that mighty piece of black art. Just listen to “Now, Diabolical”, “K.I.N.G” and the epic “To The Mountains” and judge for yourself.

NOW, DIABOLICAL will surely be smashed once again by “kvlt” black metallers claiming that Satyricon lost their Black Metal roots a while back, and that the only thing that is still “real” are Satyr’s vocals. And you know what, to hell with them once again!!! Satyricon is as true as Black Metal can get and if you are not moved by the infernal pleasures of NOW, DIABOLICAL, you simply have no clue about Extreme Metal. Isn’t Black Metal about doing what pleases you after all? There is no denying that this is a masterpiece, so sink your teeth here, cause if your team is already out of the World Cup, this will surely take you to a heller better place. And if it is still in there competing, well, listen to it too. And if it didn’t participate… Stay Heavy!!!
Track Listing

Now, Diabolical / K.I.N.G.
The Pentagram Burns
A New Enemy
The Rite Of Our Cross
That Darkness Shall Be Eternal
To The Mountains
Storm (Of The Destroyer)(bonus) K.I.N.G. (video).


Satyr - Vocals, guitars, all other instruments.

Frost - Drums, percussion.

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