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Where Flesh and Divinity Collide
February 2005
Released: 2004, Karmageddon Media/Sound Pollution
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Satureye started out during the summer '02 when the vocalist for Merciless did a guest appearance on a demo with the band Entropy which was lead by Henke and Norsken. The demo went so well that they decided to quit Entropy and form Satureye instead. They did a demo but it wasn’t released ‘cause they didn’t have a bass player on it. The solution came in January '01 when Jocke joined the band and made the line-up complete. During the summer of the same year they recorded the demo SILVERY SOULS which got some really good response from the media and got "Demo of The Year" in the Swedish metal paper Close-Up Magazine. A few more promo recordings were done, mostly to see how the development on the new songs were.

Satureyes is described as Swedish thrash metal in the bio and to add to that I’d describe the music as raw thrash metal that’s straight-in-your-face, brutal, fast, and hard. I wouldn’t say that they sound typically Swedish either. Instead I’d simply put in the word 80’s thrash metal. As a fan of old 80’s thrash metal, I really enjoy Satureyes music, vocalist Rogga is a rock behind the mic and he definitely has one of the better voices in the genre in Sweden today. Norsken on guitar has a very steady and sharp guitar playing. Jocke/Henke contributes with and extremely steady and stable rhythm section. I think that the guys can go really far.

The album was recorded and mixed in Studio Lyhört by Henrik Borg during spring '04. It’s produced by Henrik and the band and mixed by Peter In de Betou. Together with Henrik the band has done a good job with the production. It sounds just like it should - it’s heavy stable thrash metal that this band delivers. Rogga has a lot of place in the production just like Norsken with his riffing guitar. It’s a mature sound and approach but yet they have manage to keep the sound of the typical 80’s thrash.

“WHERE FLESH AND DIVINITY COLLIDES” contains 12 tracks and Satureye have done all the material and arrangements. They have some very well played material and the quality of the song are real high. As a fan of this kind of music I have nothing to complain about here. This album is a comfort during the long/cold and dark winter that we have right now in Sweden, it’s really brilliant and I really hope that Karmageddon continues to see the potential this band has. The only minor negative thing is, again, the ugly cover...but that’s only a minor thing. Once you hear this music you can forget about the cover.

I really recommend this album to fans of Kreator, Voivod, Destruction, or Slayer...or if you’re a fan of the Swedish Merciless and want to hear what Rogga is up to with this band you should take a listen.

I only quote the info note “(The album)…is the first attack to gain worldwide supremacy…THRASH ‘TIL DEATH!!!”.

Labels: AND
Track Listing

The false light
Destined to wither
Through the faceless crowd
One man riot
Nothing is forever
The world in my hand
Failure foreseen
Filled with dust
Wasted glories
In mercury


Rogga – lead vocals
Norsken – guitar
Jocke – bass
Henke – drums

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by Anders Sandvall

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