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Worship the Devil
June 2015
Released: 2015, Doomentia Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

For a group that have been releasing solidly since the turn of the century, Sathanas’s recent 3-year gap seems like a lifetime in comparison. The band has finally made reappearance in 2015 with their latest full-length album Worship the Devil. Their full compliment of releases has seemed remarkably light on albums with this only making up the 9th studio album released by the Pennsylvania based three-piece.

Immediately proving there is no messing around when it comes to Sathanas albums, opener ‘Written in Blood’ immediately kicks in with a solid thrash sound under gnarly gargled vocals. The formula remains much the same for the majority of the album with plenty of fast, uncompromising riffing interjected with menacing chords that occasionally provide relief. There are a few exceptions to this however, particularly at the beginning of ‘Upon the Age of Darkness’ that slows down to a more mid-paced beat allowing the guitar tones to ring through for a second before they being blasted away. Their singular sound is far from a disadvantage, one of Sathanas’s real strengths is creating strong grooves that push through the album meaning there is never a moment where the listener is left abandoned or meandering.

The band have been around a long time and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be moving in any new directions at any point in the near future, but what they do play they play well. Like many other bands playing in the genre, there really isn’t much complexity to the lyrical content. Satan, cults, beast worship, darkness and blood, Worship the Devil really has the full package when it comes to being on the dark side of Christianity. Combined with their back to the old school blackened thrash sound, they may not be the most exciting band on the scene at the moment, but if your looking to fill a bit of devil worshiping with the appropriate level of pure hateful noise, this may just be the album you’re looking for.

Track Listing

1. Written in Blood
2. Satan's Cross
3. Oath of Witchery
4. Marked by the Beast
5. Upon the Age of Darkness
6. In Deathe's Name we Pray
7. Blessings of Doom
8. Black Paths of Devilry


James Strauss - Drums
Paul Tucker - Guitars, Vocals
Bill Davidson - Bass, Vocals

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