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Entering The Diabolic Trinity
May 2006
Released: 2005, Pulverised Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Sathanas is one of the most long-running U.S. thrashy Death/Black Metal bands - and still the band´s name doesn´t ring bells in many metal diggers´ heads. Sathanas´ whole history is long and full of little details, so I wanna cut their history lesson short by telling the following only: After the band band underwent several line-up changes and released a bunch of albums via different labels, Sathanas finally signed a deal with the Singapore-based Pulverised Records in 2005, with the line-up consisting of Paul Tucker (on vocals and guitars, the only remaining original member of the band), Bill Davidson (on bass and vocals) and Jim Strauss (on drums, ex-Acheron) and recorded their 5th full-lenght studio titled ENTERING THE DIABOLIC TRINITY for their new label.

The good and respectful thing about Sathanas is that they have been doing this style for the last 17 years, and never compromised their sound so far. Sathanas debut album, BLACK EARTH, came out in 1995 - and if you have heard and even happened to like it, then you are safe because their 5th full-lenght album offers exactly the same musical ingredients that were found from their debut record already - and from any of their other releases in between the period 1995-2001 for that matter. ENTERING THE DIABOLIC TRINITY is a pure evil old school shredfest in which bits of Black,- Death - and Thrash Metal make a really nice and catchy blend together, offering a listener basically basics of what blackened thrashing Death Metal should be all about, once and for all. And if that´s what you are looking for, then don´t turn your back to Sathanas because their venom-filled menu is served with a good taste for old school reeking blackish deathrashing metal that is pleasingly appealing to listen to - and to headbang to, of course! Paul´s vocal parts vary from your typical Black Metal shrieks to lower death grunts whereas both Bill and Jim do what they can do best: Shred! And that´s a killer combination for sure.

Most of the time Sathanas rely on the sheer power of heavy and dark mid-paced parts, spicing them up with some fast tempos that add the needed contrasts to their songs structures. The music on ENTERING... isn´t complicated at all, but relatively simple, primitive and wickedly catchy which are sone of those reasons why it´s somewhat easy to like them - and in fact, even simply due to that reason only. Songs like "Descent of the Holy", "Under a Black Spell" and "Triumph of Darkness" spit more venom than 100.000 aggressive and vile ants when defending their nest against some abominable intruders looking for trouble. Now enter the diabolic trinity if you dare!
Track Listing

01. Intro (Carpe Noctum)
02. Entering the Diabolic Trinity
03. Demonized
04. Descent of the Holy
05. Unleash the Wolves
06. Under a Black Spell
07. Realm of Carnage
08. Triumph of Darkness
09. In the Circle of Hell
10. Into the Massacre


Paul Tucker - Vocals, guitars
Bill Davidson - Bass, vocals
Jim Strauss - Drums

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