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February 2015
Released: 2015, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

With this 6 track EP comes some grinding black death with a layer of dirgy filth; courtesy of UK five piece SATHAMEL and their new independent release- a self titled opus just short of hal-an-hour.

The intro track is grand and orchestral, and as it glides into the scorching "Wingless"- it's clear this ethic is maintained. Combining Paradise Lost's beauty with Bolt Thrower's irrestable grooves, this demonic formula is a winner. Bellowing vocals howl torment left over from the early 90s, as Incantation and Deicide influences creep up and drag you down bellow. Sonically, all is as dense and tight and as a crypt, and the power that comes from this formation begs the question why this band is still playing pubs? The only pints that should be drawn to accompany Sathamel's hellish tones are pints of blood.

There's room to grow, undoubtedly; the utilisation of orchestration or synth work would add more wondrous layers to already rich sounds, and some songwriting skills are yet to be homed, but fortunately the Northern crew do not fall into the trap of repetition- which is so common in this niche sub-genre. Epic moments and climaxes of a scathing assualt come crashing down to funeral-like atmospheres with devastating impact, and "Abbadon" reflects a more morose mood, whilst highlighting the occultish soundscapes that are on offer- not to mention a well thought out fade out that leaves me with that oh-so-rare feeling of satisfaction.

Six tracks tease, and more will be needed to please the small but loyal following this act have in their grip. Another worthy addition to the UK metal scene, and certainly more exciting things are to follow.

Review by Jarod Lawley.
Track Listing

1. Rise
2. Wingless
3. Scorch Blind Faith
4. Venus, Morning Star
5. Abaddon
6. Eternal Hunters


Kruk - Vocals
Baal - Guitars
KVN - Guitars
Deimos - Bass
Valdr - Drums

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