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Satan's Wrath
Die Evil
June 2015
Released: 2015, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

There is something brave, illicitly graceful and creatively exciting when a band is labelled blackened/dark thrash, you immediately conjure up these great mental pictures of battles set to high speeds, the flames of Aura Noir's influence and the adrenaline of thrash's lashing tones.

Satan's Wrath stubbornly refuse to take their foot off the accelerator on their nightmarish ride to insanity and overload. Self confessed as growing monstrously in stature over the years with a potent liking to the darker elements with cruelty and sheer bloody-minded intensity. Having said that the band have defiantly evolved over the years, particularly in the production elements.

“Raised on Sabbaths” opens up the albums pounding vocal distortion and can't help but sound similar to workings of Slayers famously adventurous album “Seasons in the abyss” as the song grows in chaos it's not long before you could picture this being played within a live setting. With a quick punching solo it's “Satanic War” that finds something of a leaping bound musically, a real driving force that wakes up the cobwebs of a genre that has been lacking in bombastic rhythms lately.

With a little bit of everything dark and aggressive the album continues on this blasting and rich in style hybrid, with songs like “diabolical shudder” and “Die evil” which as just black thrash packed with blasphemous venomous slices.

The albums seems to follow the many part years of thrash, mostly the peaks such as the Metallica influenced era is surpassed with the feeling of tribute towards the Megadeth heightened glory - “Dead of the shallow graves”starts off with a very Rust in Peace confidence.

“A mindless servant of satan” lowers the tone into an almost inaudible level of vocal effects which were quiet exciting at first but are lost within the very cleanly produced songs in contrast. Still there are forces of guitar break downs that are very old school black metal sounding which would appeal to fans of the genre with still enough thrash to keep musical speed addicts going.

As the rule of all black metal albums go; the last track is always the best one, laced with a refresh of the albums feel. This is no different as the first tornado thrusts of “castle of torment” erupt it's hard not to be excited about the end of the album as its inception.

It's an album that is not without it's strong black metal influences; imagine somewhat of a speedier Satryricon mixed with classic thrash in the eighties. With Tas Danazoglou’s bass and vocals, V and Stamos K on guitars and Kostas now on drums all contributing to a catchy, pounding percussive quality. It's a good listen and something that any fan of both genres should listen to.
Track Listing

Raised on Sabbaths
Satanic War
Diabolical Shudder
Die Evil
Dead of the Shallow Graves
At the Strike of Twelve
A Mindless Servant of Satan
Castle of Torment


Tas Danazoglou - Bass and Vocals
Stamos K - Guitars
V - Guitars
Kostas - Drums

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