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Satan´s Host
Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick
August 2006
Released: 2006, Black Magick. Inc.
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I remember going absolutely nuts when hearing these satanic warriors from Colorado, Satan´s Host´s BURNING THE BORN AGAIN (A NEW PHILOSOPHY) album in this somehow unholy year 2004. For me personally that particular album in question was one of the better discoveries in that year, and I was very amazed and thrilled by the band´s ability to melt together everything from Thrash Metal to Black Metal to Heavy Metal to Death Metal on that release, making a very ear-friendly musical menu of black arts of their very own. The whole album simply oozed a brilliant musicianship of the band - and with that album they truly slayed my heart and soul for their side forever. It could be said - metaphorically speaking, I became a slave of Satan´s Host in no time, I mean, when restricting my sincere enthusiasm to their wonderfully catchy and addictive satanic metal.

Now they have come back with a new release, carrying a masterful and very descriptive title SATANIC GRIMOIRE: A GREATER BLACK MAGICK which basically continues from those musically evil and satanically art-filled fields of greatness where they left off on their previous album BURNING THE BORN AGAIN... But what makes SATANIC GRIMOIRE: A.G.B.M. a bit more superior album (don´t hesitate to spit this fact out high in the air) than their previous effort, is its more energetic, more vile and straight-to-the-point Black Metal´ish approach - added with a respectable dose of well-crafted harmonies and melodies, and a hostile atmosphere that really throws a listener to Hell and back. There´s lots on variety, full of tiny little details on SATANIC GRIMOIRE; actually so much going on all the time that not even an experienced metal music consumer with sharp, healthy pair of ears, isn´t capable of catching everything at the 1st couple of spins. Everything on this album sounds very thought-out and polished to the final chalk lines, including the clear (but not over-polished!) production of Dave Otero who seems to have an undestanding for this type of metal music that Satan´s Host represents for.

From the spoken intro "World Wide 9... The Calling" to the last song "Infernal Calling" on SATANIC GRIMOIRE..., this is pure black´ish metal mayhem at its most entertaining, catchiest, devilish and unholiest form. As a such highly talented band that Satan´s Host undoubtedly is, it´s a true mystery for me why they have remained so unknown name for bigger masses for so long, creating their own uncompromising, high quality underground satanic metal in the darkest catacombs of theirs on the quiet. They absolutely do deserve more recognition than what they have achieved thus far as with the material of this strong they beat most of today´s so-called ´evil´ clowns. So now go and buy their albums - each of you, or be destined to perish in the hottest flames of Hell!!
Track Listing

01. World Wide 9... The Calling
02. Necromantic Art
03. 666... Mega Therion
04. Satanic Grimoire
05. Black Magick
06. Chameleon of Witchery
07. Incantations Vibrating from Shadow Demons
08. Metal from Hell... 22nd Century
09. My Will, My Law: Evil
10. Lesser Keys
11. Evoking Asmoday

Bonus Trax:
12. 418
13. Infernal Calling


Eli Elixir - All vocal tracking, backups, spoken words, vocal incantations
Patrick Evil - All guitar tracking, harmonies, leads effects abd evil ambience. All bass tracking, harmonies and effects.
Pete 3 Wicked - Laid down the drum trax

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