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Satan´s Host
August 2004
Released: 2004, Self-released
Rating: 4.9/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I´m just wondering why on earth it took such a long time for me to become aware of these ugly and venomous disciples of Satan from the majestic mile-high mountains of Colorado? I recently became aware of their existence nearly by accident by surfing the net, without having any intentions to find anything specifically ´important´ or anything at all. The band´s name simply popped up from somewhere and I´m glad I did eventually do some research on this band.

Satan´s Host album history goes back to the year 1986 when a small label Web Records released the band´s debut album titled METAL FROM HELL (feat. Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin from Jag Panzer on vocals!). Musically this should fall somewhere into a classic and traditional US-Heavy/Speed/Power Metal with a truly dark and evil vibe I´m told. The album was a very limited release and has been bootlegged several times since its release in several different formats, so consider yourself a lucky bastard if you own the original copy (Hell, I don´t... and in places like eBay the original vinyl copy for it may go as up as €150, damn it!!). After that album – and after a respectable amount of hellish, self-released albums, line-up changes (as a single horrifying note, the band´s original drummer D. Lucifer Steel was murdered in 1988, a bit over year since the band´s 2nd full-length recording, carrying the title MIDNIGHT WIND), sort of a 6-year period of down time in the band´s activities, etc. – I decided to fly from those times to this very day, holding here and now the band´s most recent record in my hands titled BORNING THE BORN AGAIN... (A NEW PHILOSOPHY). As a tiny technical mention, there´s 13 songs on this release, over 73-minutes of Metal Muzik; enough for two separate releases actually. And what about Satan´s Host´s Metal Muzik then? It´s actually quite hard to pinpoint what specific musical category they belong to musically, but if I told you a blackened Thrash Metal with strong Satanic and occult themes added with soundtrack-ish atmospheres all over their songs...then I believe you would get some sort of a clue about their stuff. But of course by coming up with this, a relatively short description to sum up what Satan´s Host is all about musically, obviously doesn’t do 100% justice for them at all. In the name of Master Satan, at least I know I tried my best, heh!

But really, Satan´s Host is just much more musically than one could think of at first. They squeeze elements very effortlessly from almost all genres of Metal tightly together into one massive package of their own. From Thrash Metal to Heavy Metal to Black Metal to Death Metal – even to slices of Doom Metal and they do it by their own unique style. A mish-mash of different Metal styles that they have been capable of incorporating into this album, is quite unbelievable and in many ways even respectable in terms of how damn well and convincing they have done this without loosing direction or focus. Even if the album has 13 songs in total, none of them can be considered filler by any means. These 13 songs herein represent pure old-school Metal mayhem of the highest class; no compromises, no sell-out – only 100% dedication to their impure union of the sounds of Armageddon that is meant to slay everyone who happens to come too close to the not too often unexplored paths of theirs.

Satan´s Host is definitely the best ´old-new´ Metal band that I have been lucky to discover during the past 5-6 months or so. I think I´m even rather helpless and impotent to put everything into the right words in order to describe them the best possible way for how much enthusiasm I feel toward them right now. These guys have obviously managed to steal and slay my heart and soul for their side forever, but I have to say I still feel absolutely comfortable with them. It´s an unjustified crime if they are not snapped by some known record label soon. And yes, they do need your support, so go and check their website out for some sample songs from some of their albums and spread the word of their existence to your friends. Ya hear me, you fool! You are on Satan´s Host list next... you have been warned at least!
Track Listing

01. Burning the Born Again...
02. H.E.L.L.
03. Sinners in Sanctuary
04. Darkmoon Gathering
05. Ecliptic Equinox
06. Unholy Sabbath
07. Satanic Magisterium
08. Inner-Voice Gem
09. Inverted Jesus
10. Crypt ~
11. Satan´s Host
12. Inside the Castle of Euphoric Blasphemy
13. Luciferan Law Evoked


L.C.F Eli Elixir – Lyrical voice of Lucifer
Patrick Evil – Guitar, synthesizer & backing vocals
J. Phantom – Bass, keyboard & backing vocals
Pete 3 Wicked – Drums & backing vocals

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