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April 2010
Released: 2007, Small Stone Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Los Angeles’ Sasquatch are a bit of an enigma. Their 2004 self-titled debut album was a rock-solid riff monster of an album, showcasing the band’s talent for writing simple stoner rock anthems that got your head and feet moving. I liked it, reviewed it, played it a whole bunch, and then kind of forgot about it amidst the flood of CDs that required my time. Recently while browsing around the internet, I saw that the band was set to release their THIRD album and I realized I must have missed one along the way. Imagine my surprise and delight when I actually found the band’s second album in a hidden pile of CDs in my office (yeah, it’s messy in there). So, despite the fact that III is out imminently, let’s take a trip back to 2007 and hear what Sasquatch offered up with II.

As per the debut album, II is chock full catchy riffs, all nicely fuzzed up and heavy. Keith Gibbs’ distorted guitar and rough ‘n ready vocals lead the charge while the rhythm section of Clayton Charles and Rick Ferrante lay down a thunderous foundation. Take a quick listen to the first three songs (“Let It In”, “The Judge” and “Pleasure to Burn”) and you’ll immediately be impressed by the power and immediacy that this band conveys. Keep listening, and you’ll hear them branch out into more melodic leanings and some slightly experimental, almost rockabilly rollicking (“Seven Years to Saturn”). Unfortunately the quieter moments (“Nikki” and “Catalina”) don’t hold up to the rest of the album, despite impassioned vocals from Gibbs.

But never ye mind, ‘cause Sasquatch basically does one thing and that’s rock the hell out, and they do it as well or better than everyone else. II is an absolute delight to listen to; I’m sorry I missed it originally. Here’s looking forward to III!
Track Listing

1) Let It In
2) The Judge
3) Pleasure to Burn
4) Barrel of a Gun
5) Seven Years to Saturn
6) Nikki
7) Off the Rails
8) Glass Houses
9) Rattlesnake Flake
10) Catalina
11) What Have You Done


Keith Gibbs: Vocals, Guitar
Rick Ferrante: Drums
Clayton Charles: Bass

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