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Feeding the Crawling Shadows
May 2014
Released: 2014, World Terror Committee
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

If you are a keen collector of raw black metal and heavily distorted minimal music that sounds best on an 80s cassette tape, Finland’s Sargeist have brought you something you won’t be disappointed in. The Finnish outfit have delved deep into the most brutal and angry realms of raw black metal with fourth album: FEEDING OF THE CRAWLING SHADOWS.

Anyone who knows crust punk and old school hardcore punk rock will love the punkish structure of ‘Feeding the Crawling Shadows’ and ‘Unto the Undead Temple.’ Guitarist Shatraug has distorted his strings to sound like a buzzsaw, which would seem ideal for a Severed Head of State or His Hero is Gone release. Being a keen follower of crust and anarcho punk, this album pleased me a lot in its stripped down simplicity.

Furthermore, if you were wondering what a sickening satanic ritual put to music sounds like, you’ll get your first dose on ‘In Charnel Dreams’ where vocalist Hoath Torog expels angry bile that sounds like he’s conducting an unholy summoning. Later on, he sounds similar to John Tardy by making it seem like he has knife in his guts. Excellence in anger over a raw blend of hypnotic blasts and riffs.

The catchy pacing of FEEDING OF THE CRAWLING SHADOWS will keep you hooked from the moment you press play. But my only criticism is that the vocals and riffs sound almost identical on ‘Return of the Rats’ and ‘The Unspoken Ones’, so I wouldn’t recommend this release to anyone who likes their black metal melodic or atmospheric or symphonic. But if you want something very vicious, Sargeist has the best black metal Finland can offer.

Review by Demitri Levantis
Track Listing

1.Feeding the Crawling Shadows
2.In Charnel Dreams
3.Unto the Undead Temple
4.Snares of Impurity
5.Return of the Rats
6.The Unspoken Ones
7.The Shunned Angel
8.Inside the Demon’s Maze
9.Kingdom Below
10.Funerary Descent


Shatraug – Guitars
Horns – Drums
Hoath Torog – Vocals
Vainaya – Bass

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