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Twice Second
March 2004
Released: 2004, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

I have to say one thing before I continue with this review. This is an amazing CD and if I don’t find it in my top 20 of 2004 early next year then I should be shot. With that lets get back to one of the best Cds I have heard so far this year, TWICE SECOND. In late 2002 TWICE SECOND is the fourth CD from Symphorce with TRUTH TO PROMISES coming in 1999, SINCTUARY (2001) and PHORCEFULAHEAD in 2002. Symphorce was started by Andy B. Franck in 1998 to write songs that were “straight, melodical and full of energy”. The band has been slowly developing their sound over their last 3 releases and the culmination is TWICE SECOND.

Opening the disc is “Fallen”, a melodic yet aggressive track, that establishes right away that Symphorce is intent on one-upping their previous release PHORCEFULAHEAD. Following “Fallen” is quite possibly the best track of the disc “Tears”. It is on this song that Symphorce stakes its territory. Their sound is best described as modern powermetal and the ground they tread is shared by the likes of Nevermore and Brainstorm. “Cause of Laughter” is one of those songs that causes instant headbanging. “Searching” is a much more straightforward song and also more laid back than most of the songs on this CD. One of the highlights of TWICE SECOND is “Cry on My Shoulder”. It is one of the first songs that grabbed m when I listened to the CD because of its emotional lyrics and haunting and depressing atmosphere. The song was written as tribute to Andy’s young child and includes the sounds of the baby crying over one of the best solo’s the Cede has ever put to plastic for Symphorce.

When I first spun this CD it didn’t really grab me. It took 3 or 4listens before it finally sank in. This is an impressive, and might I say it, a career altering release. In my experience I tend to enjoy releases that are growers. It is often because there is more going on than what can be heard in one listen. TWICE SECOND is such a CD. Andy B. Franck, Cede Dupont and company have created a CD takes the traditional sound of powermetal and turns it on its ear. The bands sense of melody is balanced by an aggressive tendency and a modern approach that makes Symphorce stand out from the crowded powermetal scene.
Track Listing

01. fallen
02. tears (mp3)
03. whatever hate provides
04. cause of laughter
05. in the cold
06. take what's mine
07. face of pain
08. searching
09. two seconds to live
10. cry on my shoulder
(bonus track)
11. under the curse


Andy B. Franck - vocals
Cedric "Cede" Dupont - lead guitar
Markus Pohl - guitar
Dennis Wohlbold - bass
Sascha Sauer - drums

Additional keys by H.P. Walter



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