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December 2004
Released: 2004, Reality Entertainment
Rating: 0.5/5
Reviewer: Aryn

Metal is organic, it is pulled from the ground and forged into instruments of destuction and machinations of dehumanization. These are two takes that many bands take on the idea of metal. Either you forge yourself a sword and/or axe and charge into battle. Or you create a machine to rob yourself of any human heart you thought you had. Sybreed do the latter. Taking the industrial/metal approach of extreme start/stop rhythms and mechanical drumming that Fear Factory has done better and many time over.

This group of Swedes does however add a touch of actual singing to the otherwise completely mechanical and un-organic nature of their music. But all this manages to do is make them sound like they can't decide whether they are trying to be emo or industrial metal. Either way, it comes dangerously close to mallcore 99.998% of the time. Just when you think they are going in an interesting direction with a catchy riff they destroy it with a techno beat or a bloopy synth. As to be expected of a band with such industrial influences the lyrical themes revolve around the deconstruction of man and the integration of machines into the soul blah blah blah. 1995 called, Sybreed, it'd appreciate it if you left your music back with the trenchcoat and eyeliner crowd who hung out at the leper table in the cafeteria in High School where it belongs.
Track Listing



Ben - Vocals
Drop - Guitars, Synth, Beats
Burn - Bass
Alex - Drums



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