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Sweet Sybil
Sweet Sybil
May 2011
Released: 2010, Eonian Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

There is a new, young upstart label on the block and they are called Enoian Records. This US based label is specializing in melodic late 80’s, early 90’s American Melodic Metal and Hard Rock. They have put out a batch of great albums and over the next three months (March-May, 2011) we are going to look at nine of their most recent releases. This month (May, 2011) we will take a look at the bands Sweet Sybil, Uzi and Wanted. Last month I reviewed Legacy, Sgt. Roxx, and Shake City. Please feel free to check out the other reviews in this series.

By now, for the readers of our feature the story of Eonian should be a familiar one. The label is expert at bringing awesome out from the Mid-west Underground. This time it is Chicago Rockers Sweet Sybil. The (again) familiar story of a great band that never quite made it despite label interest, killer local gigs, good street rep and good songs.

This self-titled collection amasses the debut EP from 1991, a couple more tracks from a compilation and a new cut from 2009. Founded in 1998 it took a bit of time for the band to get some recorded material out and that might have hindered their efforts in a changing musical climate. However, I think it’s better to be late to the party than have stayed home.

Sweet Sybil gets the royal reissue treatment like all the bands on Eonian with liner notes, tons of live photos, and an essay discussing the bands history. The production is decent and having a hot chick on the cover never hurts.

The triple opening punch of the first three cuts, ‘Remember When’, ‘#69’ and ‘Downtown Suicide’ truly represent what the band was all about. The latter track is, in this writer’s opinion the best on the disc. Vocalist, Sam Carava sounds a bit like Taime Down of Faster Pussycat. Good sleazy hard rock is order of the day, simple fun songs, with a slice of attitude. Overall you'll hear good performances, good songs and this disc will be a nice little addition to your library.
Track Listing

1. Remember When
2. #69
3. Downtown Suicide
4. Walkin' Talkin'
5. Someone In Your Eyes
6. Jump Back
7. Burning House
8. Alone With You
9. You & I


Sam Carava - Vocals
Mike Parker - Lead guitar
Brian Unger - Guitar
Jeff Malas - Bass
Randy Matthiesen - Drums



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